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Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex in South Beach starts fun conversations about sex, relationships, and staying healthy between the sheets. Enjoy Dr. Sonjia’s humor, science, and real-life experiences which inspire discussions about pleasure preferences, all-natural sex stimulants, swinging, sexercises, re-igniting passion, and so much more. Talking about sex is the first step to achieving sensual satisfaction and this book empowers you to speak up!


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Date Nite Special

Being together forever is ambitious, but YOU can do it!  Planning special dates to keep the spice alive helps long-term lovers feel more satisfied and fulfilled in their relationship.  Let America’s Sex Educator take you and your boo on a sexy date night in South Beach! ———————————————————————————————————– For your daily dose of nooky knowledge, […]
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Role Playing: Make Sexual Fantasies Come True

Samba with me Did your lover climax when they opened your holiday gift? Probably not. Because watches, shoes, and smart TVs rarely ignite orgasms. So instead of spending dough on a traditional gift, I role-played my man’s ultimate sensual fantasy. In public. And if you think my little stunt STIMULATED some sexy action in his […]
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Nasty Women Vote: Hillary Clinton, Sex and Politics

Nasty Women Need Love Too What’s the toughest romantic challenge for Nasty Women? Figuring out when to act like a man or act like a lady. We all heard about the old days. Women weren’t allowed to work so they had no way to support themselves. Most didn’t leave home until they got married and […]
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