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Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex in South Beach starts fun conversations about sex, relationships, and staying healthy between the sheets. Enjoy Dr. Sonjia’s humor, science, and real-life experiences which inspire discussions about pleasure preferences, all-natural sex stimulants, swinging, sexercises, re-igniting passion, and so much more. Talking about sex is the first step to achieving sensual satisfaction and this book empowers you to speak up!

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Micropenis and More: Penis Size and Sex

Micropenis and More: Penis Size and Sex Penis power. Most men wonder if they’re big enough. Most women don’t know the real size of a regular penis. To prove my point, I asked five random women in Miami, “What size is the average penis?” “Seven inches.” “Seven inches.” “Six inches.” “Seven inches.” Only one woman […]
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Vaginal Dryness: Dry Vagina Causes and Cures

Vaginal Dryness: Dry Vagina Causes and Cures Women change. And our vaginas change too. As our brains get older, wiser, and sexier, our vaginas gain more experience, generate more pleasure, and generally like a little more lubrication during lovemaking. Truth is, about 70% of women will experience vaginal dryness during their lifetime. Even if you’re […]
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Erectile Dysfunction: Natural Causes and Cures

Erectile Dysfunction: Natural Causes and Cures Miami is experiencing an erectile dysfunction epidemic. And it’s attacking men of all ages, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s. According to my colleague, Dr. Ramasamy, Director of Male Reproductive Medicine at the University of Miami, “Erectile dysfunction rates in Miami are higher than anywhere else.” He went […]
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