Nobody Loves You Like You Do.

Most people start the new year by making resolutions that foster personal growth, improvement, and transformation into someone better. Basically, New Year's resolutions are a socially ordained process that encourages everyone to make goals that might make them fall in love with themselves. I'm all for it!

As a sexologist, I know that loving yourself is a good thing, a great thing, and essential to experiencing sexual satisfaction. Self-love is actually the very first step to achieving great sex.

Self-love is not like other New Year's resolutions. It is an aloof concept, a personalized perspective reflecting how someone feels about themself. Most people know they can lose weight with diet and exercise, grow financially by preparing a budget and cultivate new skills by taking a class. But what is necessary to improve self-love?








Your chakra energy system embodies these aspects of self-love and can be trained to make you want to love yourself up! And when you want yourself, sexual experiences with others are bound to explode with ecstasy.

Over the last decade, I have been helping adults enhance self-love through movement programs that align chakra energy, physical expression, and sexual intentions. My Yoga for Better Sex Class has been an especially positive experience for adults from all walks of life. I'm always awed when someone reveals they manifested healing or altered their sexual perspective by taking the class.

I'm especially humbled when cancer survivors, reconnecting couples, and adults resolved to improve sexual fulfillment, share how Yoga for Better Sex transformed their sexual journey. From their energy, I can feel the class serves as a starting point, a permission slip, to go deeper into their self-love exploration.

That feedback fulfills me because people who embark on a trek of self-love will also want to make love. And others will want to make love to them. Which leads to more orgasms, and to be blunt, more happiness.

After class, students often request a virtual version of Yoga for Better Sex, and creating this resource has been on my to-do list for at least 5 years! Finally, my resolution this year involves bringing Yoga for Better Sex to a virtual platform. I'm excited to announce our first class comes out in a few weeks!

From my very unbiased perspective, I know that using physical expression to align chakra energy, flexibility, and sexual intentions leads to more self-love. And nothing is sexier than that!

Sexual Health Education

“ Sexual satisfaction is a developmental milestone that everyone can - and should -achieve."

Dr. Sonjia Kenya

“Sex education should help people achieve sexual health and sexual pleasure."

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