Spice up your sexual satisfaction.

Variety is the spice of life! And variety in the bedroom is how you spice up a romantic relationship. Now that the holidays are here, most people will have a little extra time to add some spice to their sex life. And the results will feel better than any gift that can be unwrapped.

No matter how much two people love each other, once sex becomes routine, one or both partners craves more excitement. Something new. Fresh. Unexpected.

Talk, Touch, Tease, Taste, Tingle.

These are all elements of sexual pleasure yet so many people forget that sensual satisfaction involves so much more than penetration!

Has someone ever licked the length of your body, holding crushed ice in their mouth, teasing you with their hot and cold tongue?

Exploring new avenues of sensual satisfaction will give insight into your lover's desires and allow you to satisfy their fantasies if you choose. More importantly, taking action to spice up your sex life will teach you about your true sexual desires and empower you with new, exciting ways to fulfill them.

Those in relationships might be surprised to learn about couples sex toys that add more pleasure for both partners. Women experiencing a drop in desire might benefit from learning about ADDYI, the prescription medication made to increase female sexual desire.

We all know sexual pleasure is not about size, but some might add a girth enhancing sleeve to their favorite penis to feel a different size tonight. And those who want to change the flavor of their favorite vagina could consider inserting a vaginal melt before the loving gets going.

Sex isn't easy to talk about and people are often apprehensive when approaching their partner about spicing up their sex life. That's why I have so many videos and podcast resources to start the conversation for you. Simply listen to one of my podcasts with your partner present and that convo you've been waiting to have is officially started.

People without partners are in the best position to figure out new ways to increase sexual satisfaction. Maybe you always wanted to squirt but never had time to learn. No better time than the present! Women looking to improve their squirting capacity might consider working with a Yoni Massage Master. Once you master your squirting abilities, you can show your next partner how to get the job done!

Wherever your sexual desires or curiosities lead you, lots of resources on this site can help you find new ways to spice up your sex life. Hopefully one of my videos or podcasts speaks to your specific sexual situation.

If you want more personalized support focused on sexual health, you can also schedule some private time with me. Sessions with Sonjia are brief educational empowerment meetings where I provide you with scientifically-informed solutions to foster happier, healthier sexual experiences.

To learn more and schedule your private session, click here or below.

Sessions with Sonjia

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“ Sexual satisfaction is a developmental milestone that everyone can - and should -achieve."

Dr. Sonjia Kenya

“Sex education should help people achieve sexual health and sexual pleasure."

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