Level up your sexual health.

Sexual health doesn't magically appear in your inbox! It's something you achieve by paying attention to your sexual functioning and making informed decisions about the best way to care for your sexual needs. Sometimes that means you need to get help with a sex emergency!

Like it or not, you've got to put in work to experience optimal sexual health. But there's a bright silver lining: the work can be very fun and extremely pleasurable!

Sexual health involves biological, psychological, and emotional energy. And sexual fulfillment requires knowledge and skills that can only be achieved through education, communication, and experience.

Some females get frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) from sex. Often, these women start avoiding sex altogether which means they also miss out on sexual pleasure! Learning to take care of your sexual health includes discovering ways to prevent sex-related UTIs while pursuing sexual pleasure and intimacy.

What should you do if the condom breaks? Sexual health also involves preventing and treating sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and HPV-related cancers. Learning about medical advances that prevent sexually transmitted diseases is super-important and sometimes life-saving!

Did you know sexual pain is super common in breast cancer survivors? Sexual health for survivors means learning new ways to care for your pleasure parts and new strategies to stimulate sexual desire. All survivors should know about non-hormonal treatments that relieve sexual pain and restore sexual functioning!

Speaking of pain, many people who explore the back door need health information to minimize pain and maximize pleasure. The doctors I work with at the University of Miami encouraged me to do a podcast on anal penetration to spread knowledge about how to do it safely. If you're experimenting with anal entry, I encourage you to listen before your next lovemaking session. This is no-judgment zone!

Whatever your sexual pleasure preferences are, lots of resources on this page can help you find the best way to nourish your sexual health. Hopefully one of my videos or podcasts speaks to your specific sexual situation.

If you want more personalized support focused on sexual health, you can also schedule some private time with me. Sessions with Sonjia are brief educational empowerment meetings where I provide you with scientifically-informed solutions to foster happier, healthier sexual experiences.

To learn more and schedule your private session, click here or below.

Sessions with Sonjia
Take the SOS Sexual Health Emergency Quiz

Answer these quick questions to gain personal insight into your sexual health behaviors, including how comfortable you are addressing desires, curiosities, and preferences with a health professional. Your answers teach Dr. Sonjia how to better satisfy your sex ed needs and how to educate doctors to serve your sexual health needs.

(BTW: You're basically a modern-day saint because your answers help the world have better sex! )

we promise to neva, eva, share your info with anybody!

“ Sexual satisfaction is a developmental milestone everyone can - and should -achieve.

Dr. Sonjia Kenya

Why Sexual Health Research Matters

Sexual health research gives real-time insight into the intimate behaviors and challenges experienced by everyday people.

This information helps scientists, doctors, and therapists develop treatments that help people experience better sex.

Viagra? Yep, that was developed with lots of research with men who told their doctor they needed help staying firm.

Addyi for women? Yes, the first female prescription for low sexual desire was developed because tons of women told their doctor they lot interest in sex.

Pelvic Floor therapy? Blindfolds? Essential oils? Research shows that these non-pharmaceutical therapies also improve sexual functioning.

Your sexual experiences matter. To create more solutions for more sex problems, sex experts need more data from real people like you.

And we promise - your information will never be shared. never. never. never.

Current sex research is key to training doctors how to treat their patient's sex problems. If the data is old, the doctor's approach is old.

Most doctors don't learn a lot about sex in medical school. In addition, a strong body of research shows many doctors feel uncomfortable discussing sex with their patients.

Dr. Sonjia Kenya, the brain behind the research on this site, helps doctors improve their ability to address sexual health with their patients. As a medical professor and sexologist, she frequently educates medical providers and students about common sex challenges and treatment options.

Many studies show that doctors would benefit from more training to address sexual health issues. We use research on this site to provide doctors and medical students with insight into everyday sex issues and develop new training initiatives for healthcare providers.

And we promise - your information will never be shared. never. never. never.

“Sex education should help people achieve sexual health and sexual pleasure."

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