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Women's Sexual Health

Most orgasms require much more than a penis. Unlike men, the brain rules female sexuality! And we all know, a woman's brain is wired differently than a man's mind.

Hormonal fluctuations, childbirth, physical changes, and surviving in the world as a woman all play into female sexual functioning. Plus, about 75% of women don't climax from penetration alone - which means we have to learn some stuff in order to experience optimal sexual satisfaction! Then we have to teach our partners how to please us. This isn't easy, considering school doesn't teach much about sexual satisfaction.

Learning to take charge of your sexual health is one of the most powerful forms of self-care. Achieving sexual fulfillment is liberating and reinforces to your commitment to self-love. And it makes your partner(s) feel like a superhero because you've taught them how to please you right!

So pat yourself on the back, you're in the right place.

Wetter is Better: Of course! That's why many women were made to squirt! And if you're not a squirter (yet), this appears to be a skill that can be taught, according to the yoni massage master who helps women recover from trauma, have multiple orgasms, and generally maintain a happier vagina overall.

Among breast and ovarian cancer survivors, adequate lubrication is the number one sexual complaint! That's why The Better Sex After Breast Cancer show covers non-hormonal remedies that can be administered during lunch with no down-time!

Vagina Scent: Too many women worry about vaginal odor! Tons of people looooove the smell of a vagina - not one that smells like soap, - one that smells like the sexual essence of the woman they're with.

While most vaginas smell pretty fantastic, some people have a unique biological makeup that can produce a foul odor when sweaty. In Odor Down Under, you'll figure out if you're one of those people -and if so, how to get a prescription that can stop the smell. You're welcome.

If you are experiencing vaginal odor. for the first time, you definitely want to see your doctor before trying to resolve it yourself. Because sometimes ladies get infections that cause an odor and require medical treatment. And sexual infections need a doctor's help. Not all odors are eliminated with Tik Tok's Vagina Melts.

Sexual Desire: So many factors play into female sexual dysfunction. Trauma, stress, boredom and recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) diminish women's sexual desire. Luckily, there are so many ways to get her sexual groove back and you're in the right place to get started!

The first thing to consider is how to get a woman's mind in the mood for sex. Prepping her brain for sex will give you some tip on how to make that happen. And remember, some women need medical help to get their sexual desire back on track. In this show, we explored Addyi, the first FDA approved female sexual desire drug.

Physical changes that occur over the lifespan can also disrupt a woman's sex life. In kegels while driving, Dr. S gives ladies a lower lip work-out to put some squeeze back into her love life.

Learning how orgasms make you happier is perhaps the best motivation to become your own sexpert! So check out the educational shows and and keep coming back for new ways to achieve happier healthier sex!

Squirting Explained

“ Sexual satisfaction is a developmental milestone everyone can - and should -achieve.

Dr. Sonjia Kenya

Why Sexual Health Research Matters

Sexual health research gives real-time insight into the intimate behaviors and challenges experienced by everyday people.

This information helps scientists, doctors, and therapists develop treatments that help people experience better sex.

Viagra? Yep, that was developed with lots of research with men who told their doctor they needed help staying firm.

Addyi for women? Yes, the first female prescription for low sexual desire was developed because tons of women told their doctor they lot interest in sex.

Pelvic Floor therapy? Blindfolds? Essential oils? Research shows that these non-pharmaceutical therapies also improve sexual functioning.

Your sexual experiences matter. To create more solutions for more sex problems, sex experts need more data from real people like you.

And we promise - your information will never be shared. never. never. never.

Current sex research is key to training doctors how to treat their patient's sex problems. If the data is old, the doctor's approach is old.

Most doctors don't learn a lot about sex in medical school. In addition, a strong body of research shows many doctors feel uncomfortable discussing sex with their patients.

Dr. Sonjia Kenya, the brain behind the research on this site, helps doctors improve their ability to address sexual health with their patients. As a medical professor and sexologist, she frequently educates medical providers and students about common sex challenges and treatment options.

Many studies show that doctors would benefit from more training to address sexual health issues. We use research on this site to provide doctors and medical students with insight into everyday sex issues and develop new training initiatives for healthcare providers.

And we promise - your information will never be shared. never. never. never.

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“Sex education should help people achieve sexual health and sexual pleasure."

Dr. Sonjia Kenya

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