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Men's Sexual Health

It's not all about the penis. Men's sexual health involves lots of moving parts and what's happening outside of the bedroom is just as important as what's happening (or not happening) inside!

Lifestyle. Stress. Mental Health. Porn. Socialization.

Sex Education.

Yep, these are the causes for most mens' sex problems. The good news is you have the power to change your behaviors and beliefs which can also transform your sex life. And Dr. Sonjia is here to help you do it.

Erectile Dysfunction: Did you know there are different types of erectile dysfunction (ED)? Some men watch too much porn, and others have too much stress. Both issues increase the risk of ED. Some men develop ED because their risk for diabetes or heart disease is increasing. And for men who have had a heart attack, ED can be a new experience for them, fueled by fear of having sex. Use this link to calm your fears and get heartfelt sex ed from Dr. S.

Erection Injections: Not all men, especially those with heart conditions, can take traditional ED medications like Viagra or Cialis. That's why doctors created erection injections! But if needles before nooky freaks you out, you may want to learn more about penis implants! Check out this show to get enhance your erectile education immediately!

Penis Size: Under 5 inches? Don't worry, you're perfectly normal! Over 95% of all men have a penis less than 5 inches when erect. Non-believer? I dare you to measure your favorite penis with a ruler the next time it's standing tall. But if you still want something bigger, we can make that happen by tonight baby!

Micro-Penis: Yep, it's a thing. About 2 inches long, but just as strong as a normal-sized penis. And by strong, I mean, you can get pregnant girl--and get an STD! Even though it's small, you've got to take ALL the same precautions as you would with a big ole woody. All penis puns intended.

Penis Taste: The better your flavor, the more she'll savor. Porn stars drinks lots of fruit and water before a juicy scene. What does your little guy taste like? If he's not getting licked as often as you would like, perhaps you need to modify your personal seasoning. Check out this show to learn what spice will flavor up your man juice nice.

“ Sexual satisfaction is a developmental milestone everyone can - and should -achieve."

Dr. Sonjia Kenya

Why Sexual Health Research Matters

Sexual health research gives real-time insight into the intimate behaviors and challenges experienced by everyday people.

This information helps scientists, doctors, and therapists develop treatments that help people experience better sex.

Viagra? Yep, that was developed with lots of research with men who told their doctor they needed help staying firm.

Addyi for women? Yes, the first female prescription for low sexual desire was developed because tons of women told their doctor they lot interest in sex.

Pelvic Floor therapy? Blindfolds? Essential oils? Research shows that these non-pharmaceutical therapies also improve sexual functioning.

Your sexual experiences matter. To create more solutions for more sex problems, sex experts need more data from real people like you.

And we promise - your information will never be shared. never. never. never.

Current sex research is key to training doctors how to treat their patient's sex problems. If the data is old, the doctor's approach is old.

Most doctors don't learn a lot about sex in medical school. In addition, a strong body of research shows many doctors feel uncomfortable discussing sex with their patients.

Dr. Sonjia Kenya, the brain behind the research on this site, helps doctors improve their ability to address sexual health with their patients. As a medical professor and sexologist, she frequently educates medical providers and students about common sex challenges and treatment options.

Many studies show that doctors would benefit from more training to address sexual health issues. We use research on this site to provide doctors and medical students with insight into everyday sex issues and develop new training initiatives for healthcare providers.

And we promise - your information will never be shared. never. never. never.

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“Effective sex education helps people achieve both: sexual pleasure and sexual health. ” 

Dr. Sonjia Kenya

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