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Yoga and Sex have history.

Practicing yoga can feel sexy and many yogi masters ooze sex appeal. But the history of how yoga became known as an exercise that supports sexuality is often debated. While Tantra and Kundalini are specific yoga styles that nourish sexual enlightenment, many believe all forms of yoga foster healthier sexuality.

The truth is, most exercises improve sexual functioning and fulfillment. Countless studies show a positive connection between exercise, desire, and sexual satisfaction. Regular exercisers also experience less sexual dysfunction and more orgasms. It's no wonder why I exercise so much!

While most exercises are good for sex, yoga is one of the most powerful ways to prepare the body for holistic sexual experiences. Practicing certain styles of yoga can align the mental, physical, and spiritual realms of sexual expression, leading to more moments of earth-shattering arousal and toe-curling satisfaction. But even if you stick to regular yoga, the class might remind you of sex. 

There’s the beginning when you’re lying on the mat, gradually progressing from simple postures to more intense movements. Then there’s the middle when you’re pushing yourself to your limits of balance, flexibility, and strength. Around this time, audible moans start complementing the music. Then you're at the end of class, feeling a little worn out and satisfied to lay still. And just like sex, some people fall asleep.

Yoga and Sexual Health Benefits

Beyond feeling a little sexy, yoga can do so much more! Recent research published in the World Journal of Men’s Health reported yoga is a natural remedy for premature ejaculation! Yes, the study, “Role of Yoga in the Management of Premature Ejaculation” even includes specific yoga postures and sequences to address this problem.

Women with chronic pelvic pain, a condition that impacts 26% of females, also reduced pain and improved sex, once they established a regular yoga practice. Yes! According to research published in the Journal of Pain Medicine, when women with chronic pelvic pain practiced yoga to manage their pain, they also reported also improved sexual functioning and quality of life.

Yoga has also helped survivors heal from sexual trauma and violence. In addition, studies are exploring how yoga can help cancer survivors, especially females recovering from breast and gynecological cancers.

Yoga for Better Sex

When I created the Yoga for Better Sex Course, I never envisioned survivors of sexual violence or cancer would find healing through the class. By merging the most powerful aspects of Tantra, Kundalini, and power yoga, I set out to develop a program that would heighten an individual's connection with their organic sexual essence.

To my surprise, I've learned that many students who take my class find it to be an integral part of their healing therapy. Nothing has been more rewarding than hearing how my Yoga for Better Sex workshops improved the sexual experiences of breast cancer or sexual violence survivors.

When people dealing with orgasmic dysfunction tell me they find it easier to climax after taking the class, happy tears stream down my face. I also feel tingles when students say they really had fun taking the class and enjoyed all the feels they experienced through the workout.

Yoga for Better Sex helps adults connect with their deepest sexual desires; improves the flow of chakra energy that governs sexual pleasure; and increases flexibility and strength to empower the body to reach its sexual potential.

After teaching the class for the last seven years, I've learned from grateful students that my goals for creating Yoga for Better Sex are the same goals most people aim for when improving sexual health. I've also learned that many adults acknowledge chakra energy, but don't understand how the chakras impact sexual functioning or pleasure.

The 7 Chakras and Sex

Each of the 7 chakras has a unique impact on sexual energy. When the chakras are blocked, energy does not flow freely and sexual experiences can feel limited or unfulfilling as if one or both partners are holding back. When chakras are unblocked, vital energy flows freely, allowing sexual experiences to be liberating, all-encompassing, and orgasmic.

The chakras start at the base of your spine, beginning with the root chakra, which is the area right between your legs. If you can inhale and squeeze the openings tight, then exhale and release, you have found your root chakra. The energy in this area directly impacts sexual functions (and dysfunctions), as the penis, vagina, perineum (taint), and anus are all located in this region.

Just above the root chakra and below your belly button is the sacral chakra. This area governs all areas of pleasure in your life, including sexual. When the sacral chakra is blocked, sexual desire and pleasure decline.

The solar plexus chakra involves your gut instincts. located in your belly area, it's about aligning what you want with what's best for you. When sexual will and divine will are in synch, sexual experiences can be immersive and liberating.

Love really does make sex better and heart chakra energy impacts sexual satisfaction. Located in the chest region, right around the areas of your physical heart, the heart chakra influences the love energy, or lack thereof, during sexual experiences.

The throat chakra influences sexual expression. Closely connected to the mouth and jaw, throat chakra energy affects the ability to communicate sexually and receive sexual communication from others. When the throat chakra is flowing, sexual expression becomes organic.

Right between the eyes is the third eye chakra, the center of awareness, perception, and spiritual communication. Activating third-eye energy deepens intimacy and expands sexual intuition. When the third eye chakra is flowing, sexual intimacy reaches new depths and sensual pleasure is boundless.

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra and is located at the top of your head. The idea behind using yoga to ignite chakra flow is we all have energy collected at the base of our spine and when chakras are aligned it can move freely upward through the seven chakras, leading to an expanded state of sexual consciousness. 

The crown chakra is the final chakra, representing the connection with universal energy. Raising sexual energy all the way up to the crown chakra impacts the ability to experience a connection with the divine during lovemaking. Wow!

“ Sexual satisfaction is a developmental milestone that everyone can - and should -achieve."

Dr. Sonjia Kenya

“Sex education should help people achieve sexual health and sexual pleasure."

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