Level up your sexual health after Breast Cancer.

Almost 265,000 women and 2,400 men in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and survivors face many sexual challenges.

Body image. Lubrication. Physical Pain.

Unfortunately, most doctors don't discuss sexual pleasure with patients, so breast cancer survivors don't know where to begin when it comes to rebuilding a satisfying sex life. But now that you're reading this, rest assured you are on the right track to getting your sexual groove back!

Several non-hormonal interventions have helped breast and ovarian cancer survivors reduce sexual pain and restore sexual pleasure. The Mona Lisa Laser, the O-Shot, and inserting lubricating suppositories several hours before sex are a few options that have helped survivors improve their sexual experiences.

When it comes to great sex, wetter is better! And about 70% of women will experience problems with lubrication and sexual pain at some point in their life, whether or not they survive cancer. Since sexual lubrication impacts so many women, it's important for everyone to know about interventions that make sex a little slippier!

Instead of trying to get their old sex life back, many women have learned to explore sexual pleasure from a new perspective after surviving breast cancer. This mental openness often leads to identifying new ways to enjoy sexual intimacy. Blindfolds, anyone?

Sexual partners of survivors are also impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis and many feel selfish if they raise sexual concerns. While they are supporting their lover through recovery, their sexual needs are often ignored, leading to repressed feelings. This is a great time for lovers to start thinking about new, exciting ways to stimulate their partner who is such a bad ass-they kicked cancer's ass!

Start by planning a special date, reminding your partner why they fell in love with you! This atmosphere supports romantic intimacy and can open up the door to discussing new ways to move forward with exploring sexual satisfaction. Pro-tip: Instead of sex, offer a sensual massage after dinner, using the scientifically proven SENSE Aromatherapy Body Oil. Guaranteed to stimulate pleasurable feelings - and increase your chances of getting lucky!

Whatever your sexual challenges are, lots of resources on this site can help you find new ways to nourish your sexual health. Hopefully one of my videos or podcasts speaks to your specific sexual situation.

If you want more personalized support focused on sexual health, you can also schedule some private time with me. Sessions with Sonjia are brief educational empowerment meetings where I provide you with scientifically-informed solutions to foster happier, healthier sexual experiences.

To learn more and schedule your private session, click here or below.

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“ Sexual satisfaction is a developmental milestone everyone can - and should -achieve."

Dr. Sonjia Kenya

“Sex education should help people achieve sexual health and sexual pleasure."

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