The Sex Conversation No One Wants to Have…

What happens to a woman after a night with Peyton Manning or Bill Cosby? 

I’m talking about her sex life, her future love affairs, her future relationships. How does one establish a satisfying sexual relationship after they’ve been sexually violated?

This is an important question, especially for a University professor like me because 1 out of 4 college women have endured rape or attempted rape. And while we often debate the criminal justice aspects of these incidents, we rarely address the emotional aftermath and recovery process that must be achieved before SHE can move forward with her love life. Until today.

This week’s episode of Sex In South Beach discusses how a woman can establish fulfilling love relationships after sexual abuse. We’re talking about how she discloses her past to a new man, how she avoids becoming an alcoholic, how she lets go of the heavy ass baggage that is left behind when a man violates her sexually.

Today’s episode is for all the women who haven’t moved on yet, all the men who love those women, and all the friends and family who want to erase that ugly incident from her history but can’t. Every woman who has survived sexual abuse deserves a satisfying sexual relationship that nurtures her strength, her beauty, and her scars. So let’s start the healing process right here, right now.

In Today’s Episode

Philanthropist, author, and survivor, Julie Mansfield joins me today to help the healing begin. We discuss her memoir, “Maybe God was Busy” about her own sexual abuse and the strategies that helped her let go of that baggage so she could move forward into love. We talk about steps victims can take to transform into survivors and how survivors become ‘thrivers.’

Julie gives advice about disclosing sexual abuse to potential love interests and finding the power to speak up and express herself until her heart’s content. Her journey is beautiful and the world is a better, brighter place because Julie’s talking about ‘the sex situation’ nobody wants to discuss, but everyone needs to hear about.