Talking About Sex with a Doctor

Talking About Sex with a Doctor

Some sex problems need a medical doctor, not a sexologist. Which is why the University of Miami’s Chief of General Medicine joins us today to answer audience questions.

What medical issues change the taste of ‘sexual fluids?’

Why do so many married women hate having sex?

How do you find a good physician who understands and respects your values?

Today’s show tackles these questions and so much more!

In Today’s Video

Dr. Olveen Carrasquillo, M.D., M.P.H., joins Holly and me for a fun discussion about medical issues that affect semen, sex drive, and the performance of porn stars. Press play now to find out when you should see a medical doctor for a sex problem and how to find the right physician for you. And at the end of the episode, Holly rewards you with some interesting info about used panties in Japan.