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031 – Sex After Space: Does Time Apart Make Sex Better?

If you’re looking for a reason to go on a guy’s trip or a girl’s getaway, this episode is for you!  Dr. S talks about ramping up sexual desire for your spouse by spending time away from them!  First she tells you how ladies in Miami feel about spending time away from their man. Then […]

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No Plans, No Panties

So my hubs wants more Sex. Turns out, he’s just like most married men in America. Yep, the #1 complaint I get from husbands is they’re not getting enough nooky from their wife. So I ask them, “When’s the last time you made plans to share special time with your wife?” If they look at […]

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Fantasy Foreplay

What’s your favorite form of foreplay? “I love when a woman licks between my package and behind and I’m not ashamed to say it!” exclaimed an enthusiastic 33 year old attorney who had obviously indulged in several cocktails before we talked last Friday night.  Loudly, he made sure everyone knew that he also loves it […]

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