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Living like a Lesbian

You know what’s sexy?  Feeling good about yourself. But this isn’t always easy over the holidays. Most of us take stock this time of year. We reflect on goals, think about how much progress we have (or haven’t) made, and consider steps to make our dreams come true in the new year! Sometimes we realize, the […]

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Do Lesbians Have Sex?

How do lesbians have sex? Lesbian Sex, Coming Out, and everything you ever wanted to know about lesbians is answered in this video! America’s Sex Educator ( interviews a lesbian about sex, talks about lesbian relationship problems, asks about anal sex among lesbians and discusses whether lesbians have different DNA than straight people. For your […]

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Sex in South Beach TV

Yo, Yo! Calling all sexual, sensual souls! Sex in South Beach, my new show is about to launch and I need you to tell me how it can be improved. I want to get this right for YOU! We discuss college sex, lesbians, anal sex, hypnosis for sex, sex with disabilities, and so much more. […]

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