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Sex After Childbirth: Booty after Baby

Sex After Childbirth: Booty after Baby Childbirth changes everything. Especially sex. Last weekend, while my baby was supposed to be napping, my hubby attempted to seduce me. Just as things were heating up, our bedroom door slammed open, smashing the door knob into the opposing wall. Apparently an overzealous 3 year old opens doors with […]

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TGIF! Most professionals get excited about Friday because we’re about to get a break from the crazy pace of our careers. But all too often, folks who are successful at their jobs are too exhausted on the weekends to energize their love life. Seriously, after draining our brain at work all week, who has the […]

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Sexcuses, Sexcuses

Dr. Sonjia, America’s Sex Educator ( explains how having a satisfying sex life makes you healthier! Only your favorite sex educator can break down the science that proves sexual satisfaction really is a natural high that boosts your immune system and mental health!

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