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Sex Peer Pressure

Peer pressure impacts adults too. Especially, pressure to penetrate. “My friend often has sex immediately after meeting an eligible man and when it doesn’t work out, she’s left feeling devastated. But she does it over and over again.” A colleague disclosed this situation to me last week, and it’s something I hear about far too […]

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College Sex: Sex ed for students & parents

Lots of Sex happens in college! America’s Sex Educator ( gives college sex tips and college sex ed that every college student and their parent needs to know! Sex among University students is common and this video helps you have college sex that is safe, satisfying, and fun for everyone involved! College Sex is a fun […]

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Sex in South Beach TV

Yo, Yo! Calling all sexual, sensual souls! Sex in South Beach, my new show is about to launch and I need you to tell me how it can be improved. I want to get this right for YOU! We discuss college sex, lesbians, anal sex, hypnosis for sex, sex with disabilities, and so much more. […]

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