TGIF! Most professionals get excited about Friday because we’re about to get a break from the crazy pace of our careers.

But all too often, folks who are successful at their jobs are too exhausted on the weekends to energize their love life.

Seriously, after draining our brain at work all week, who has the motivation to find something fun to do, add a touch of romance, and actually take the shower, and get groomed up enough to seduce someone properly? Perhaps this is why so many relationships lose their sizzle too soon.

Surprisingly, the real culprit in this all too common scenario isn’t the lack of energy from working all week. The problem is people don’t prioritize their love life, and rarely carve out time in their schedule to tend to it.

Imagine going to an important meeting at work, without preparing for it? Well, sex is the same way. Only way more important and way more beneficial to your health and happiness.

Sex usually involves meeting with a VIP, and is definitely worth penciling into your schedule. What’s the point of being professionally successful if your personal life stinks? Yes, we all know someone who fits this description. And sometimes we see this person in the mirror.

Bottom line is you can keep ‘lacking energy’ for your love life and make lots of money so you can buy expensive toys to play with (plastic or human, depending on your salary). OR you can stop making sexcuses, and start preparing for an awesome erotic weekend!

Success should not mean sexless. And since you might need a little motivation to get moving, I made this 5 minute video just for you! You’re Welcome