02 Mar

Stimulate Sexual Desire with this Smell

Attract Men, Repel Bugs

In 2011 I went through a ‘finding myself’ phase. I was 37, just got married, and living with my husband for the first time. I did a lot of funky stuff trying to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be.

It seemed every time I figured it out, I woke up as somebody new, with brand new desires. That seemed crazy to everyone but my husband, who encouraged my ever-increasing ‘enlightenment’.

That phase taught me – this evolution of who I am and what I want – changes every damn day. Maybe every moment. Just like sexual desire.

Since then, I’ve become an author, podcaster, owner of an internationally broadcast TV channel, successful developer of passive income streams, public speaker, and a mother.

Most surprisingly, I’ve become the creator of an addictive body oil. Which was never planned.

You see, during that ‘finding myself’ phase 6 years ago, I took an herbology class that taught me about essential oils and nature’s best moisturizers. During the course, I attempted to create a super-moisturizing body oil that smelled good and repelled mosquitoes. As I learned about the various essential oils that might be effective, my sexology brain kicked in.

I realized some of the essential oils that repel insects also stimulate sexual desire.

I started experimenting by mixing different essential oils with various carrier oils. When I figured out the most, ultra-moisturizing combo that also absorbed quickly, I started using it on myself to see if it repelled mosquitoes. It DID. In fact, it did a lot more than scare bugs away. It attracted humans.

People swarmed me when I wore it. Everywhere I went, someone complimented my smell or asked what I was wearing. Before long, I could tell they were experiencing a reaction. A PHYSICAL reaction. They wanted to be near me. Strangers tried to be friends. Guys started acting weird in elevators. My dentist began telling me his personal business. Within a week, my friends and family started asking me to make it for them.

It was fun for a while. People loved it. My peeps could turn on almost anyone without them knowing it. Plus, Mosquitoes hated when we wore it. My girlfriends used it in their hair, on their skin, at the club, on their man’s ‘special parts (against my advice). When my lawyer hubs wore the oil, female security guards flirted when he entered court and judges let him argue cases for as long as he needed to get his clients off. No one got a rash and everyone wanted more.

But I couldn’t keep up the volunteer sweat shop in my house. So I shut it down. Then, everyone who knew about my ‘secret body oil’ started pressuring me to sell it. It seemed crazy at the time, but I eventually ‘found myself’ learning how to produce and sell body oil. As part of this evolution, I’ve also become the developer of body oil commercials.

In Today’s Video

Today, I find myself asking for your opinion about these advertisements. I rarely ask for your input, but I’m changing (again), and finding that I want to interact with you more.

You ‘get’ me and know I’m all about sexual health and satisfaction. And you also know the evolution of this body oil. You know what it does. And if you’ve ever given me a hug, you know how it smells.

Please do me a favor and take 2 minutes to watch these commercials and let me know what you think. Good? Bad? Somewhere in between?

And if you have an idea for a commercial – shoot it at me. If I use it, I’ll thank you with a sweet supply of SENSE body oil shipped directly to your bedroom door 🙂

Who knew that a phase of finding myself 6 years ago would lead to this?  Thanks so much for being part of my evolution. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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