02 Feb

Spend Valentine’s with ME!

Spend Valentine’s Day with ME! Pretty please…

I’m confident that WORLD PEACE would be easily achieved if everyone was sexually satisfied. And what better time than February to ponder how your sex life could be improved? Especially since Hallmark is gonna force you to think about it anyway.

That’s why I’m trying to hang out with YOU this month! Because who wants another stale-ass card and over-priced steak for Valentine’s Day? Spending time with me is WAY more exciting than that. TRUST.

So, whether you’re single or coupled up, I’m inviting you to some REAL SEXY FUN in South Beach on Saturday, February 11. I mean, why wait til’ the 14th to get your sensual groove on?

Let’s be real. Lately, we’ve all been hit with some heavy, at times heart-breaking, stuff screaming at us from newsrooms and social media. And you know what suffers the most when too many minds get twisted up like that? YOUR SEXINESS! It simply goes down the drain.

And when you’re NOT feeling SEXY, you’re definitely NOT having, or attracting, your ultimate sexual relationship. And since WORLD PEACE can NOT be achieved until YOU, and everyone else, is SEXUALLY SATISFIED, you kinda have a moral obligation to hang with me next weekend. WORLD PEACE is waiting on YOU.

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For Couples

If you’re coupled up and wanna to stay that way, you definitely wanna be 1 of the lucky couples who joins me for the Date Nite Special.  This includes a cocktail hour, guided tour of the World Erotic Art Museum, couples experiments that stimulate arousal, dinner, flirting exercises, and a desire-igniting performance by Dragon Girl.

I only host 1 date nite per month and all participants complete a feedback survey. And honey, lemme tell you, every single Date Nite participant said it was the sexiest date they’ve been on and it improved their sensual connection. What’s better? All the grateful texts people send me after Date Nite because their sex life got spicier in the days and weeks that followed. In fact, every single date night alum said they would recommend it to a friend and are looking forward to doing it again.

We just opened registration, so click here to reserve your date nite spot now!

For Singles

Single folks should also indulge in some extra-special lovin’ this month. Remember, the more you do to nurture your sensual energy, the sexier you become to potential mates. So turn off the news and turn on my Sex in South Beach podcast. And while your phone is in hand, make an appointment for some self-lovin too.

Schedule a massage. How’s your manicure doing? Remember how good a facial feels? And Boo, when’s the last time you surrounded yourself with loving people who celebrate healthy sexual expression and stimulation?

Now this last question is super-important. Because far too often, single people intentionally avoid situations involving lots of happy couples and people in love. And this behavior keeps you single. These choices also help you attract other people who don’t like happy couples or people in love. Remember, like attracts like.

Instead of rolling your eyes when you see a couple all cuddled up, try to find some characteristics about their bond that you admire. Rather than fake-barf when you see too much PDA, ask yourself what makes people want each other so badly that they can’t wait to get a room. When you see someone discreetly stroking the inside of their lover’s palm, ask yourself if that’s something you might enjoy someday.

And how do you find these sensually-connected, loving couples to observe?

DUUUHHH!???? Come to the Date Nite After party, where all the people WHO LOVE to LOVE GO!

You’ll find my super-fun (and super-hot) single friends dancing the night away! You’ll see couples who have just spiced up their love on DATE NITE loving each other down (respectfully of course). You’ll find me smiling ear to ear, flirting with my hubs and getting way too low on the dance floor.

And if you make it to the Astor Social Club by 11pm, you’ll catch the ultimate sensual performance by Dragon Girl, Miami’s premier Desire Igniter! And friends, treating yourself to a show by Dragon Girl has got to be one of the very best ways to energize your sensual side. Let her be the muse that stimulates your 2017 into the sexiest year of your life!

Oh, and if you haven’t been to the Astor Social Club, it’s fabulous. This gem of a South Beach landmark has been re-designed into a seductive haven with just enough class to keep things legal (well, mostly). The DJ spins ridiculous beats, and the bartenders make incredible drinks for extremely fair prices. The bathrooms are clean; the couches are comfy; the dance floor is cozy. Best of all, the crowd exudes optimistic, sensual energy that makes you wanna love yourself down, and maybe even get another person involved. My kinda’ place.

So come on out and buy me a drank.

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