Sex in South Beach Book

Sex in South Beach Book


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You’ve got one life to live. Shouldn’t it include great sex? Honestly!

Sex is important. That’s why I wrote my book, and offer my workshops.

Whether or not you’re having it, sex impacts your life in a big way. But talking about it can be daunting because most of us never learned to feel comfortable communicating about sex.

My book will help change that. In fact, my mission is to make it easy for you to talk about sex.

I want to make discussing sex as easy as talking about the weather because good sex is linked to happiness, health, and wealth-all the stuff you want. Speaking up about sex reduces adultery, boredom, divorce, and sexually transmitted diseases–all the stuff you don’t want. Too often, people don’t discuss sex. As a result, they suffer from problems they don’t want. It doesn’t have to be that way.

To achieve ultimate sexual fulfillment, you have to feel comfortable communicating your needs, discovering your partner’s preferences, and exploring new desires. Sound tough? Well I’m going to make it easier. The anecdotes in this book, both my own and those of friends and acquaintances kind enough to share their stories, provide plenty of fuel to fire up some sexy conversations that will pave your way to sensual satisfaction.

I enjoyed writing this book, and I hope you enjoy it, too!