Sex Shape

Why should you get fit this year?

To have better sex. Seriously! Poor diet and lack of exercise can actually shut down your sex life. In addition to decreasing the number of people attracted to you, unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle throws your sex hormones out of whack.

The sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) regulates testosterone and estrogen. In other words, SHBG is essential to good sex. When the body has too much sugar or too much fat, SHBG production shuts down, along with sexual desire and functioning.

A whopping 68% of Americans are overweight or obese. And as demonstrated by the comments below, fat folks don’t feel like fornicating:

“When I feel fat, I don’t even want to do my husband! He loves when I’m working out because he gets way more sex.” said a married mother of two who was exercising beside me at the gym.

“When I was heavy, I never felt like having sex but after I lost 30 pounds, my sex drive was out of control!” said a South Beach man in his early forties.

A single woman added, “I love to get attention when I’m feeling fit, but I don’t even want men around when I’m fat. And I’ve definitely got to get in shape before I get naked in front of someone new!”

Weighing in at 115 soaking wet, I couldn’t bring myself to ask super-heavy people on the streets about their sex life, so none of the above comments are from anyone who’s outrageously obese. But Dr. Martin Binks of Duke University Medical Center studied obese adults and came to similar conclusions.

Half of 928 obese men and women in his study reported a decreased sex drive and trouble wanting sex, 42% felt they had problems performing sexually, and 41% said they avoided sex altogether. And it’s not all because of the hormones!

Obesity-related issues like diabetes and heart disease also decrease circulation, which means women don’t get wet and men don’t get hard. A soft penis and a dry vagina? It’s no wonder overweight people avoid sex!

In addition, feeling fat damages self esteem and can make someone too embarrassed or ashamed to share their body. It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that you don’t have great sex when you don’t share your body.

Whether single or attached, it’s important to understand the impact that excess fat has on your relationships. Spouses often complain to New York psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz about marital problems that occur after a partner gains a lot of weight. In many cases, the extra pounds indicate an underlying relationship problem, but the issue is too sensitive to talk about, so couples often become distant from each other, attraction diminishes, and their sex life dies.

The good news is that exercise saves a sagging sex life! A study by Young and Penhollow from the University of Arkansas found that physically fit men and women rated their sexual desirability higher than less active adults in the same age range. Sixty percent of women and 80% of men who exercised two-three times per week rated their sexual desirability as above average. Sexual desirability ratings increased as the number of days of exercise per week increased. So what are you waiting for?

Save your sex life in 2012! Even if you’ve failed before, this is a new year with new options for getting fit and new avenues for improving your love life. CROSSFIT is the challenging and sexy work-out philosophy of the new millennium. As Jon Kaufman wrote in his recent post, Sex and Crossfit, “Most don’t enter the CROSSFIT world to improve their sex life but inevitably wind up finding sex appeal in all corners of the box, and shortly within themselves.” Here’s why:

1. CROSSFIT caters to couples. “Just watch some of the unbelievable couples at CROSSFIT. They are both getting unreal results. And they all seem connected. Connected in good, connected in bad, connected in life,” observed a happily married man who added, “I joined CROSSFIT and I joined my wife.”
A married woman said, “ Anyone who has been with a significant other for 10-plus years knows that sometimes you get sick of talking about the kids, work, and things that need to get done around the house – boring! Now we have something endlessly to discuss over dinner. If nothing else, it “makes you feel great mentally and look great physically. I don’t know any spouse that doesn’t appreciate that!”

2. CROSSFIT makes people feel successful and successful people seek more sex. On his blog, Everyday Excellence, Bryant Hankins, a married father claims that, until CROSSFIT he had never been successful at sticking to any exercise routine. He outlined several reasons for his success with CROSSFIT, including 1) the barriers to starting are very low, 2) the online community enabled him to start from home (he has since joined a CROSSFIT affiliate), 3) every day presents new exercises (an integral aspect of CROSSFIT), and 4) the camaraderie that comes from working out daily with the same people fosters support to succeed.

3. Camaraderie and oxytocin make CROSSFIT an ideal place to find a date. Exercise releases oxytocin, the bonding hormone released during orgasm. Studies show that when people are high on oxytocin, they find familiar faces much more appealing. Unlike traditional gyms where most people work out alone, everyone does the deed together at CROSSFIT. Imagine a room full of people who are high on oxytocin and seeing each other regularly – it’s almost an orgy waiting to happen. If your Sig O is going to CROSSFIT without you, consider yourself warned.

4. CROSSFIT encourages variety, which is good for fitness and great for sex. CROSSFIT athletes are often found running, cycling, and doing other exercises to stay fit. Nothing is off-limits. They understand that CROSSFIT works because it constantly changes exercises and excites the body in new ways. When these core concepts are applied to sex, satisfaction explodes.

Make 2012 the year to excite your body, release oxytocin, and tune-up your hormones in a supportive environment filled with intense sexual energy.

The CROSSFIT philosophy is to give it your all and keep it fresh by changing it up so you continue to get better, not bored. Successful sexual relationships require the same focus. It’s challenging to find the time, energy, and motivation to improve your fitness and your sex life, but CROSSFIT offers a way to work it all in.

Before writing this column, I had never done CROSSFIT, and as a lifetime fitness enthusiast, I was certain my workout was fine. I run barefoot in soft sand, lift weights, and take bootcamp, salsa, and zumba classes at the gym. In private, my husband teaches me tantric yoga along with some other exciting exercises that address my cardio and flexibility needs.

The private yoga is by far the best part of my exercise routine, yet I had never considered expanding this sensual energy to other areas of my workout – — until I learned about CROSSFIT. Each Workout Of the Day is a new opportunity to incorporate same sweaty intensity we share in the bedroom into our fitness regimen.

CROSSFIT is also efficient! It keeps our sex hormones on track, our bodies in shape, and makes us spend some sexy time together on a regular basis. Every workout is like an active date filled with sultry, sexual tension. Just like when we first met.

Except now we’re surrounded by a bunch of sweaty, sexy singles busting their ass. And whether you’re looking for love or already settled down, seeing beautiful bodies, or knowing that your spouse may be seeing those bodies without you, is pretty powerful motivation to work up a sweat.