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Sex sense

Did you know blind-folds are exciting?

Seriously. I’m not talking about bondage, ropes, or S&M (though I’m sure that’s also pretty exciting). I’m simply saying that a basic blind fold made from an old handkerchief can stimulate strong sexual desire and lead to loads of sexual satisfaction.

With covered eyes, a person is forced to rely on their other senses– smell, taste, touch, and sound–which become much sharper and sensitive without vision. But it wouldn’t be right to just blindfold someone and take them to dinner. When you blindfold someone, you really need a game plan for turning on all their other senses.
That’s why I’m here to help.

I’m going to tell you how to create a night of sexual tension and passion by stimulating all of your lover’s senses except vision. If you do everything as outlined below, your Sig O will be more excited than you’ve seen in a long time!

Start off by making sure you have all the special ingredients prepared before the big night. Here’s your shopping list:

1. Lavender candles
2. one can of pumpkin pie filling
3. one cinnamon bun
4. a couple of tablespoons of melted chocolate
5. crystallized ginger (available in most healthy food stores)
6. Vanilla bubble bath
7. loofah sponge
8. body scrub
9. the song Orgasm by Prince (I’ll explain later)
10. condom(s)

After you’ve got the goods, select a special night to seduce your lover. The whole stimulating process won’t take more than an hour, but the sexual aftermath could go on for much longer, so plan accordingly.

To prepare for the designated night, put a small amount of the pumpkin pie filling in a microwave safe dish and make sure it’s warmed up. Cut the cinnamon bun into small pieces and cover some with melted chocolate. Put a few spoons of honey into a bowl. Light the lavender scented candles and be ready to run a hot bath with vanilla bubbles. Put your music-player in the bathroom and make sure it’s cued up to ‘Orgasm’ song by Prince.

On the selected evening, surprise your partner by whipping out a blind-fold and tying it around their eyes. I suggest you test it on yourself first to make sure the blindfold really blocks vision completely. Because if your special someone can see but is pretending not to, they won’t be forced to rely on their other senses–which is pretty much the point of reading this article right now.


Once the blindfold is secure, lead your lover to a comfortable place to sit down near the lavender candles that should already be burning. The smell of lavender is known to get people in the mood for sex.

When your lover is comfortably seated, place the small dish of warm pumpkin pie filling under their nose and ask “does this smell good?” Not only will your lover say, ‘yes,’ but the mixture of smells will really get their sexual engine revved up.

Why does it work?

Something about smelling these scents together makes blood rush to the penis. The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that men who smelled a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie experienced an increase in penile blood flow by 40%. The same group also found that the smell of cinnamon buns, doughnuts and black licorice resulted in a 31.5 percent increase in penile blood-flow. Good stuff to keep in mind, especially if your sweetie isn’t a big fan of pumpkin pie.


You’re now ready to start stimulating the taste buds with warm pumpkin pie. Before you serve your lover, be sure to have these other foods ready in small quantities: honey, cinnamon bun dipped in warm melted chocolate, and crystallized ginger. Just before the tasting begins, begin running the hot bubble bath with vanilla bubbles so you’re prepared for the next step of the experience.

Now dip your finger into the pumpkin pie and smother onto your partner’s lips. After they lick their lips, ask them to open their mouth and stick out their tongue. Drizzle the honey onto their tongue and ask them to lick their top of their mouth. Next, dip a small piece of the cinnamon bun into the melted chocolate. Place the chocolate covered piece of cinnamon bun into your lover’s mouth and ask them to suck on it without chewing.

Now your partner has licked their lips, licked the top of their mouth, and sucked on something sweet. Once they finished the chocolate covered cinnamon bun, place a piece of crystallized ginger into their mouth and ask them to chew, lick, and suck simultaneously.

Why does it work?

The different mouth movements (licking lips, licking top of the mouth, sucking without chewing, and then licking, chewing, and sucking simultaneously) are quite similar to those used during sexual arousal which in itself is very exciting. In addition, these ingredients naturally stimulate sexual desire.
Honey is a known aphrodisiac that promotes virility and reproductive health and has been used throughout the ages to increase sexual stamina and pleasure. Cinnamon buns create one of the sexually stimulating smells identified by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation and everyone knows eating a good, gooey cinnamon bun is almost as good as sex.

Adding melted chocolate to a cinnamon bun is a little like adding Viagra to a healthy sex life. Studies have found that one of the chemicals in chocolate is phenylethylamine (PEA), a natural substance that stimulates the same reaction in the body as falling in love. Historically, Aztecs believed that chocolate was an aphrodisiac and early monks were forbidden from eating chocolate because it stimulated sexual arousal. The infamous Casanova considered chocolate a greater stimulant than champagne and Montezuma always drank chocolate before entering his harem. There’s just something sexy about chocolate.

Ginger has long been considered a powerful aphrodisiac that stimulates circulation which is the most important part of developing and maintaining an erection. Crystallized ginger is similar to the texture of gummy bears and will make your lover use their mouth in many of the same ways used for sexual pleasure. Once the taste-test is complete, it’s time to lead your lover to the warm bubble bath that should be just about ready.


With the blind-fold still in place, lead your lover into the bath tub and get yourself wet too. Dip the loofah sponge into the body scrub, and gently scrub every inch of your partner’s body. Next, position yourself so you are facing your partner’s back and massage their shoulders, upper back, neck, and head for about 15 minutes. Once your partner is thoroughly scrubbed and relaxed, get out of the bubble bath but make sure your partner stays in.

Why does it work?

The variation between scrubbing, massaging, and gentle cleansing will simultaneously stimulate and relax your partner. Being cleaned off and rubbed down feels sensual and safe – two important qualities to satisfying sex!

Touch is also one of the most significant aspects of sexual pleasure and even more so when a person can’t see anything and is emerged in warm water scented as vanilla.

Studies have shown the smell of vanilla turns people on and men are especially excited by this scent. While the person is relaxing in the vanilla bubble bath, get ready for the final act.


Step out of the bath and walk directly to the music player that should be cued up to Prince’s song, Orgasm. Play the song while you’re partner is still soaking in the bath and blind-folded. When the song ends, ask ‘how do you feel?” I’ll bet my left pinky finger that they will fee like getting busy. Very, very busy.

Why does it work?

Several studies have found that hearing a woman becoming sexually aroused and/or having an orgasm makes straight men, and almost all women, regardless of their sexual orientation, become sensually excited. There’s something special about the sound of a woman’s impending orgasm that turns almost everyone on.
And there’s also something special about good friends who share sexy ideas. When I told my friend J.S that I was writing about stimulating the different senses for a night of unforgettable sex, he gave me tons of valuable feedback and much of it is included in this column.

I’ve been a fan of Prince for as long as I can remember but never downloaded Orgasm until writing this article. Sometimes, the sexiest ideas are right in front of you – but it takes a good friend to point out! thanks J.S.!

If you have ideas that may help others improve their orgasmic capacity, please do tell! Email me at sonjia@drsonjia.com so I can share your sexy sense with the world! Before you know it, you may have friends from across the globe dedicating their next orgasm to YOU!

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