26 Sep

Sex and Politics: Melania Trump

Sex and Politics: Melania Trump

The wrong politician can mess up your sex life, if you elect them!

For example, in Slovenia, where Melania Trump is from, politicians don’t believe in sex education. As a result, Slovenia has some of the highest abortion rates in Europe because abortion has become the first line of birth control.

Ouch….We can’t let that happen in America!

Speaking of birth control, did you know several prominent republicans consistently vote against it! As a result, your insurance company probably doesn’t cover birth control. But guess what? Insurance almost always pays for Viagra!

Can you smell the sexism?

The truth is, politicians in power can impact our sexual health in so many ways. And as we get ready to vote for the next American president, it’s important to think about how this election could change your sexual health and bedroom satisfaction.

Will drugs for female sexual dysfunction be approved?
Will rapists be convicted?
Will sex toys be legalized in EVERY U.S. State?
Will safe abortions be accessible?
Will birth control be covered by insurance?
Will everyone be able to safely use the bathroom?
Will everyone maintain the right to marriage?

If we elect the wrong president in November, our sexual freedom could be erased. Especially if the president is married to someone who doesn’t understand or represent the sexual choices and relationships of most Americans.

For example, if we elect a president married to an uneducated woman who consistently lies and doesn’t have life experiences similar to most American women, then we must understand the interests of American women will not be represented in the oval office. Especially our rights to obtain sexuality education, sexual health care, and whatever type of sexual relationship we desire.

So before you vote, think about which president benefits your bedroom interests. Because if we elect the wrong one, a crazy tycoon could uphold laws that squash sexual freedom as you know it.

In Today’s Video

Politics and SEX! How will the American presidential candidates impact sexual health policies if they are elected? Get ready for 4 super-fun, fact-filled episodes that will educate you about the sexual fitness of our presidential candidates and their spouses.

In this first episode, we examine the sexual fitness of Melania Trump, the latest wife of Donald Trump. Next week, we’ll cover Bill Clinton, America’s potential first husband! And then I’ll tally up Donald Trump’s sexual fitness score before the series climaxes with a discussion on Hillary Clinton’s qualifications to serve the sexual health needs of our Nation!


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