25 Oct

Sex after Breast Cancer

When you hear about Breast Cancer, do you think of an extraordinary woman? I do.

And I think SHE deserves comprehensive care that considers HER holistic health – her mental, physical, spiritual, and sexual well-being.

Fortunately, early detection and effective treatment have helped so many women live longer, healthier lives – but sex problems persist as a top concern among breast cancer survivors. In fact, experts estimate about half of breast cancer survivors experience some type of sexual dysfunction.

That’s why today’s show is about how to re-build a fulfilling sex life after breast cancer. Sexual satisfaction is an important part of a healthy life and full recovery means getting that love life back on track!

Sex changes after cancer, but with patience, trust, and love – sex can become very satisfying and lots of fun again. In today’s show, America’s Sex Educator guides survivors (and those who love them) in a thoughtful conversation about:

1) symptoms of common sex problems after treatment (you’re not alone!)

2) vaginal moisturizers for daily use

3) lubes to use that won’t mess up your toys (and why you might wanna play with toys BEFORE playing with someone else)

4) info to discuss with your doctor so they take you seriously and give you what you need!

5) managing stress through yoga (and couples counseling – yep, threw that in there too)

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