Sex After Childbirth: Booty after Baby

Sex After Childbirth: Booty after Baby

Childbirth changes everything. Especially sex.

Last weekend, while my baby was supposed to be napping, my hubby attempted to seduce me. Just as things were heating up, our bedroom door slammed open, smashing the door knob into the opposing wall. Apparently an overzealous 3 year old opens doors with the same force as Muhammad Ali in his glory days

After our shock and laughter subsided, the hubs lovingly put our 3 foot tall security guard back to bed. And because we’re not quitters, we attempted intimacy again. But this time, we got caught with our pants down. Literally. However, instead of storming in, our tiny security guard decided to repeatedly open and slam our bedroom door until he was certain our party was over for good.

Final Score: Baby = 1 Parents = 0

Childbirth not only changes how often you share sensual moments with your partner, it also changes when you share them. Before I had a baby, I never thought sex during nap time was a thing.

Having a baby also changes the way sex feels. And today’s episode of the hook-up addresses audience concerns about how their body and sex life changed after becoming a parent. Whether you’ve had a baby, are having a baby in the future, or love someone who had a baby, today’s show is for you.

In Today’s Video

Sex changes after a baby! Sex for both men and women changes due to time constraints, body changes and sex desire often decreases! But, Sex can be great after a baby and today’s show helps you learn how to make sex great again -after a baby!

“For every woman who hates her stretchmarks, there’s a woman who wants them.” I read this quote somewhere recently and it really resonated because so many women have trouble loving their body after having a baby. And when a woman doesn’t love her body, it’s hard for her to experience her ultimate sexual potential.

In today’s show, Holly and I give audience members advice on how to overcome the sexual challenges brought on by childbirth. I give some heartfelt tips based on my own challenges adjusting to motherhood and Holly shares some especially good advice on body love and how to reinforce good body vibes in our romantic relationships.

It’s short, sweet, and sensational today. So do yourself a favor and press play.