What our customers are saying…

“You know that feeling when you step into an elevator and all of the men look at you….in a good way? Well, that’s exactly what happens when you wear SENSE Body Oil…” ~ D.T.

“Get noticed now! You will get lots of attention! Every time that I wear SENSE, which is everyday, someone will come up to me and smell me and say wow, you smell so good – what is that?” ~ Suzy

“All of my suitemates at work swear by this body oil for both its moisturizing and seductive effects…” ~ Cari

“It was also surprisingly effective as a repellent – the mosquitoes are rampant in South Florida and I haven’t been bit once since I started wearing SENSE.” ~ Boogieman

“My absolute favorite beauty oil is SENSE! It smells so good and is literally “Aromatherapy for Your Skin.” I confess, I am completely addicted to it. For me, this really is a multi-purpose oil. It can be used for moisturizing, massage, shaving and aromatherapy. I have sensitive skin and this was great for it. No issues and it didn’t clog my pores either. I love that it also comes in a travel size roll-on bottle that I can use in my purse and when traveling. This product has replaced all my other beauty oils. Bonus: Everyone always tells me how great I smell when I wear it and my husband LOVES it. I highly recommend. “~ Jodi S.