Show Your Skin Some LOVE.


And I LOVE natural ways to feel GOOD.  So I made an aromatherapy body oil to treat my skin right, prevent bug bites, and make me feel GOOD.   Then my husband, and everyone else who smelled me, fell in LOVE with the fragrance!   Then my neighbors asked to buy it.   After I whipped up a neighborly batch, they stopped getting mosquito bites and said they felt happier.  I named it SENSE because it ignited their senses in a happy way.   And doesn't it make sense to show your skin some LOVE?  

Because nobody LOVES you like you do.  

More Than A Moisturizer

Good Loving

Craving some 'cuddle time' with your beloved? Simply lather on some SENSE to stimulate a pleasing reaction in your partner while making your skin silky soft and oh so kissable. Feeling generous? Give a massage with SENSE to stimulate a sensational intimate encounter. Want some attention at Happy Hour? Use our purse-sized roll on to dab SENSE behind your ears and wrists before strutting into the bar to enjoy some loving libations.

Natural Aromatherapy

Smell Good. Feel Good. That's the point of aromatherapy! The natural essential oils in SENSE leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and happier. SENSE smells deliciously unique on each individual because it organically blends with your natural essence. Apply directly to your body or use in an aromatherapy diffuser to reduce anxiety and induce an environment of bliss. And you seem right about ready for some bliss.

Prevent Bug Bites

Best-smelling way to keep mosquitos away! Created by a pregnant medical professor in Miami Beach who needed an effective, non-toxic way to protect her family from mosquito-borne yuckiness! When tested across the U.S., Brazil, Costa Rica, and Jamaica, SENSE out-performed that chemical-filled sticky (and stinky) stuff that so many people spray all over their skin. Plus, it smells like LOVE on a platter.


Made with LOVE in Miami, USA with the highest quality of grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, fractionated coconut oil & fragrance from natural essential oils.

Click here to Read REAL Reviews from REAL customers on AMAZON :   "I was skeptical at first - moisturizer, mosquito-repellant, and stimulating oil all-in-one? But it was seriously effective in all three categories!..."
Sensible Uses
You just found your favorite fragrance, moisturizer, love potion, bath oil, cuticle conditioner, after-sun nourisher, and mosquito prevention protection!  Seriously, all you need is SENSE!