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How to Plan a Great Date

Been on enough bad dates?

In just 5 minutes, you’ll learn to plan successful dates that help you achieve your romantic goals! I’ll provide an easy,  step-by-step method to avoid the most common dating mistakes so you can enjoy FUN dates without fail! This quick class helps you feel confident going on dates that improve your love life and fit within your budget!  After this course, you’ll never be on a bad date again!

How to Reignite Desire 

Wanna get back that lovin feelin?

This class guides couples through touching and sensory experiences (sensate focus exercises) that lead to increased sexual stimulation and reignite the romantic fire in 4 short weeks.  During this course, partners will learn techniques to identify pleasure points, tune into different physical sensations, and experience new levels of physical intimacy. In just one month, couples re-establish sexual intimacy using gentle, pressure-free strategies.

How to have unprotected sex without getting HIV

 If you slipped up last night…

Did you know medication can prevent HIV 3 days AFTER unprotected sex?  Even if you didn’t use a condom last night, you can stay HIV-negative.  In just 5 minutes, you’ll learn how to access free medications that can prevent HIV BEFORE unprotected sex and AFTER unprotected sex.   This video might save your life! 

How to take an HIV Test

Everyone should know this….

Learn how to take an HIV test at home, in a clinic, or get a free HIV test whenever you need it! In just 20 minutes, you can know your HIV status.

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