15 Jun

Penis Pictures: How To Turn Women Off with Your Penis

Penis Pictures: How To Turn Women Off with Your Penis

Men like sexy pictures of their lovers. But, guess what? The feeling is not reciprocal. Unless we’re planning to embarrass you, women don’t want pictures of your private parts.

Look guys, we know you want to see an image of our behinds with barely anything on. But if you send a picture of your bare butt, we will be breaking up. Soon.

Here’s the deal: Most men are turned on visually. Which is why many are aroused at the sight of a naked woman. Any naked woman. But this is no secret, at least not to strip club owners.

Women, on the other hand, often need mental and emotional stimulation to experience ultimate sexual satisfaction. And images of your pelvic area without underwear is not only unnecessary to rev us up for romance, it is also insulting.

If you want to turn me on, learn a little something about how women get turned on. Because men in the know, know they should never send a picture of their penis.

In Today’s Video

Super short, sweet, and silly. Today’s video features funny women who JUST SAY NO to penis pics. I wanted to leave you with something extra light as I take off for summer break because things are about to get serious when our sex ed sessions resume this Fall!

In September, I’ll tackle the sexual side effects of common health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, depression, hysterectomies, menopause, cancer, and every other health issue that impacts sexual functioning.

The new episodes will offer natural strategies to overcome the sexual consequences associated with various health conditions. I’ll also educate you about medical interventions that improve sexual functioning, regardless of your current health status.

If you’re dealing with a specific health problem that you want me to take on, shoot an email to sonjia@drsonjia.com and I’ll do you right, baby! But until then, go have some FUN in the SUN!

Thanks so much for sticking with me this season – I’ll see you in September!

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