30 Sep

Sex and Politics: Bill Clinton

Passion and Prosperity

Financial security can help cultivate passion. If you’re not worried about paying bills, you’ve got more time to pay attention to your love life. When Bill Clinton was president, America was more prosperous, and arguably, more loving. I mean, even HE had time to engage in some extra action. And we had time to talk about it.

Indeed, Bill Clinton was a unique president. Did you know that BEFORE receiving oral copulation in the oval office, he reversed anti-abortion policies, signed legislation promoting mammograms, protected funding for Planned Parenthood, and doubled child support payments, allowing the children of single parents to prosper! He may not be perfect, but he did help our nation prosper.

Now Bill Clinton is poised to assume another unique position, as very first, first husband of the United States. And today’s episode covers how his presence in the White House could impact sexual health policies across the Nation and sexual satisfaction in your bedroom.

In Today’s Video

Unlike the other potential first spouse, Bill Clinton has a lifetime of experience as a politician and eight years of experience as President of the United States. Today I talk about how his past performance prepared him to advance sexual health, especially among American women.

I also discuss some of Bill Clinton’s marital challenges, including the ‘type’ of women he prefers and what messages his behaviors communicate to men across the globe. And because he’s been married to the same wife for more than 40 years, I do go a little overboard honoring their union that has not only survived the worst sex scandal in history, but also produced two of the most respected political leaders in the world.

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