03 Nov

Nasty Women Vote: Hillary Clinton, Sex and Politics

Nasty Women Need Love Too

What’s the toughest romantic challenge for Nasty Women?

Figuring out when to act like a man or act like a lady. We all heard about the old days. Women weren’t allowed to work so they had no way to support themselves. Most didn’t leave home until they got married and their marriage prospects often depended on cooking, cleaning, and smiling skills.

When women started working, divorces started increasing. Earning income meant that ladies no longer had to stay in unfulfilling relationships just to keep a roof over their heads.

Believe me. I know what I’m talking about. My mother founded Divorce with Dignity.

As her daughter, I had a front row seat observing the conflicts between many divorcing couples. By the time I was a teen, I helped couples get divorced when my mom was unavailable. From an early age, I realized that men and women don’t know how to act like men and women. And we have very few role models to teach us how relationships should adjust to rapidly changing gender norms.

I now understand that much of this confusion stems from the reality that working women are compensated for demonstrating masculine characteristics on the job and men are celebrated for sensitivity. WTF?

Gender roles keep on changing and romantic relationships keep on spinning out of control as a result of not knowing when it’s right to exude masculine energy and when it’s right to exude feminine energy. It’s illegal for men to become physically aggressive during conflict; although, that was once considered very masculine. Nowadays, he’s supposed to ‘talk it out’ and share his feelings when he’s upset.

And we all know a woman is NOT allowed to cry at work. She better ‘man up.’ Just like Hillary has done.

Hillary Clinton has achieved professional goals that were once considered appropriate for men only. Her success in doing so motivated her political opponent to label her #NastyWoman.

How do the rest of us #NastyWomen feel? We’re not surprised.

We’re smart enough to take it as compliment, since it indicates our choices, our life-style, and our professional success repels a man who brags about sexually assaulting women, consistently insults females, and trades in women for younger models when they’re youth begins to fade. This man has no love for Nasty Women.

But I do. Which is why I developed strategies to help Nasty Women become more successful in sexual relationships. “Love a la Mode” is a chapter in my book, Sex in South Beach, that offers techniques to know when it’s best to exude masculine or feminine energy. Plus, it’s a quick read for both partners to share because lots of Nasty Women love men who listen and respond with love. Reading this chapter together will encourage that in your man.

In Today’s Video

My last episode of Sex and Politics features Hillary Clinton. If she wins next week, will Madam President protect sexual freedom, reproductive rights, and sexual healthcare? Press play now to learn whether this Nasty Woman will stand up for your right to nooky all night.

Don’t forget to cast your nasty vote on or before November 8, 2016. Except for the Trump supporters – the polls open for you on November 28th.

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