16 Mar

How to Plan a Great First Date

No plans, No panties!

That’s what I tell men who complain about not getting enough sex from their lady. And that’s also what I tell women who wonder why they don’t want sex with their man anymore.

You see, women love a man with a plan. And if you plan something special for us, well dang, we’re practically throwing panties in your face.

That’s why so many ladies loved 50 Shades of Grey. That man in that book always had a plan. In fact, most women are not looking to be tied up, gagged, and have foreign objects inserted into them, which is what happened during most of the book. But if you’re a clever man executing a carefully thought out plan, most women will follow your lead and smile when you pull out that whip.

Fortunately, making a date plan isn’t as complex as whipping someone seductively. In fact, making a great date plan can be pretty simple, and I’ve just made it easier for you.

‘How to Plan a Great Date’ is my new animated course to help people have better dates. I developed this short course because so many women complain about their man’s poor date planning and so many men complain about not getting enough sex. This fun course helps everyone achieve their dating goals.

In Today’s Video

‘How to Plan a Great Date’ was created right after Valentine’s Day, when I received excessive complaints from unhappy couples. Here are a few of them:

“She didn’t do anything special sexually. No lingerie! Nothing! In fact, she didn’t even act like she wanted to have sex with me and I spent almost $1000 on her gift!”

“He took me to the same Greek restaurant where he proposed to his ex! And I don’t even like Greek food!”

“He showed up 40 minutes late and went to the fancy restaurant down the street and ate at the bar. He spent a fortune, but I feel like it was so last minute, that he didn’t even think about me ahead of time or try to make it special. He didn’t even show up on time.”

If any of these complaints sound familiar, you need to press play right now. And of course, you need to share this video with everyone who wants to experience better, sexier, and more successful dates!

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