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Good Girth

What’s width got to do with it? (click here to watch video)

“I hear and read a lot of women saying thickness is more important than length. As a guy with a thinner than average penis, I feel I may be less satisfying than thicker men. Would you be able to write about that topic?”

Well of course, dear. And since you’re so focused on loving the ladies, I won’t even ask how you discovered other men possess a pudgier penis.

Let’s start with some stats, which are frustratingly unreliable, because they change depending on the source. In 2008, The Institut fuer Kondom-Beratung assessed the erect penis of 10,477 volunteers from all 25 countries in the European Union. Some of the smaller men had a circumference of around 4 inches but most of the fellas hovered around 5. French men were widest, with a girth of 5.4 inches. Even more surprising, the researchers were not French.

Lifestyles condoms sent a team to Cancun to study studs on Spring Break (drunk frat boys like to show off their penis) and found five inches was the average width among guys who could get it up (25% of the sample stayed soft).

A study in the Journal of Urology that proposes guidelines for penis enhancement reported that the girth of most men is between 3.5 to 3.9 inches when erect. The researchers also concluded that the majority of those seeking enlargement are within the normal range.

But that’s not really the point – is it? Let’s get to the heart of the issue: Does width matter to women?

“Of course it does,” said a pretty school teacher grabbing a bite a Balans on Lincoln Road. ”A skinny penis doesn’t sound like much fun at all. I need to feel it. But I also don’t want it too fat. I’m not into a gigantic penis.”

A nomadic bartender who’s lived in four countries over the last decade explained, “My ex was from Ireland and he had the widest penis ever. It was amazing and I almost stayed with him because of it, despite all the reasons we would never work out. ” I told her the study from the Institut fuer Kondom-Beratung found that Irish men were second to last (smallest). She laughed out loud before saying, “They obviously didn’t study my ex!”

A single lady dining at Tagliatelle on the Beach said, “I enjoy different sizes. One of my best experiences was with a man with a thin, little thing. But he was talented in other ways and very satisfying sexually.”

Sexual health pioneers, Masters and Johnson, also espoused that females could achieve sexual satisfaction, regardless of a man’s width. But a recent survey of women found that when it comes to sexual satisfaction, width just might be more important than length.

Russell Eisenmen from the University of Texas-Pan arranged for a student to ask 50 sexually active college females between 18-25 years old, “In having sex, which feels better, length of penis or width of penis?” Forty-five of the 50 women said that width felt better.

Eisenmen hypothesized that width may be more important than length because a wider penis offers more contact with the outer part of the vagina when thrusting, and may even stimulate the clitoris during intercourse. Fortunately, the world doesn’t stop when a penis isn’t wide.

Plenty of other body-parts or man-made toys can also be used to stimulate the outer (and inner) part of the vagina during intercourse. And surgical procedures are available for those who worry they’ll never measure up.

Fat graphs are an option to add girth to the goods but there are serious risks involved and the results may not last forever. Also, the shaft is the only part of the penis that is widened during the procedure, so the head of a man’s penis often ends up smaller than the shaft. Since the head is normally the widest part of the penis, some are still unhappy with their organ after the operation.

Long-limbed and flexible men can use their fingers to stimulate the clitoris during sex and may also consider inserting a finger or two into the vagina while the penis is penetrating. Kneeling between a woman’s thighs while she’s lying on her back allows a man to thrust forward and point fingers in the right direction.

Great girth-enhancing sleeves can be easily and discreetly purchased at amazon.com. Just slide the soft sleeve over an erect penis, and like magic, width is instantly increased. For added pleasure, some girth enhancers have vibrators attached to the tip and the feedback on these penis-fatteners is phenomenal.

As one reviewer commented, “This thing is great, my wife came in less than a minute.” A man from Italy reported, “This thing make me into a superman AND SHE LOVED IT. Made me come two times and she did too. Really helped me nail my girlfriend, without it never.”

My favorite comment came from a man who knows how to keep his woman coming back for more, “My lady likes some extra girth and we gave this a try. It slipped off and wasn’t for us but we found another girth-enhancing sleeve that really did the trick. Will be looking for more fun ways to give my girl the width she craves.”

When it comes to achieving an O, listening to a woman’s desires and helping her feel comfortable enough to express her fantasies is far more important than width will ever be. More than anything, women want to feel understood and a big package can’t do that. It takes an open heart and a willing spirit to foster the intimacy that’s necessary for a female to reveal what she really wants in bed.

If she wants a fatter penis, the only way you’re going to find out is if she feels safe enough to tell you. If she tells you, it’s because she really wants to be with you, regardless of your size. So let go of your ego and experiment with enhancement techniques.

After all, using a latex sleeve is more satisfying than worrying about your woman using latex with someone who has a wider capacity to listen and learn.


  1. andrea
    February 19, 2012

    Nice to read your blog. I agree with the Tagliatelle lady… different shapes and sizes have different pluses and minuses. Do you have a blog about the perfect penis????


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