27 Jan

First Date Ideas

First Dates Can Be Tricky. 

My husband’s ex-girlfriend followed us on ours. Seriously.

The night was warm, the top was down, and we were driving (flirting) through South Beach when his cell phone started going nuts. When we BOTH looked to see who couldn’t stop calling, a text from his ex flashed: “I’m behind you.”   Whatever he saw in his rear-view mirror proved she was telling the truth.

He pulled over and so did she. He got out to talk to her. I waited 10 seconds, opened the car door, and walked as far away as possible. Clearly, my future with this man wasn’t looking so bright.

He found me shortly thereafter, convinced me to get back in the car, and the rest is complicated. At the time, I only shared this experience with one special girlfriend who always keeps it real, is incredibly supportive, and only wants the best for me.  I call her my first date friend, favorite damn friend, fabulous diva friend (FDF) because she’s heard about EVERY first date and has been supporting me since I started dating. After hearing my story, FDF said:

“Sonjia, I know you really like him and I want to make sure you’re being careful. This story doesn’t sound good, but you’re a really good judge of character. So if you’re into him, he’s probably great. When can we meet?”

When FDF met him, she poured him lots of wine, asked about his relationship with his ex, his feelings for me, his intentions for our future, and after he showed up strong at every angle of the conversation, she gave him some advice about dealing with my ‘moods’ – stuff only an FDF  knows.  I knew he passed her interview, which freed me to pour my heart into his soul.

If you’re serious about experiencing your ultimate, authentic romance, you also need an FDF to keep you on track. Luckily, Holly Peno has stepped up to the plate

In Today’s Video 

She’s Smart. Sexy. Optimistic. Holly Peno stars in this 4 minute episode of ‘Just the Tip‘ which is focused on helping you have a fantastic first date!  Watch now to see why Holly is the very best FDF in South Beach and learn from her incredibly real, yet hilarious advice about how to behave on your next first date. After watching, you’ll know about the special, lovable, and serious characteristics an FDF must have in order to understand how a tricky first date could lead to something spectacular!

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