21 Jun

Depression and Sex

Let’s show MEN some LOVE!

June is Men’s Health Month! And today, more men are suffering from depression than ever before. Since half of all depressed people have sex problems, more depressed men means more depressed sex lives!

Of course depression effects BOTH men and women, but men are much less likely to get treatment for their depression.  Also, more men than women serve in the military which means they’re at greater risk for developing depression related to post-traumatic stress disorder.

My point is – depression can mess up your sex life!  And lots of depressed men aren’t getting the help they need to make their mood, and their sex, BETTER!

Today’s show is all about helping depressed men and women get their love life back on track. Partners of depressed people will also enjoy this episode because I give lots of tips on how to cope with your lover when they’re listless about sex.

  1. Did you know changes in sexual response can be a symptom of depression, even if a diagnosis hasn’t been made?
  2. Did you know some of the most popular depression medications reduce sexual desire?
  3. Did you know depression medications exist that DON’T diminish libido?
  4. Did you know sex with toys can stress out someone with depression?
  5. Did you know talking about sex with your partner can soothe depressive symptoms?


Depression is the most common disability in the United States. If you, or someone you love, is dealing with depression, today’s show is a MUST! So press play now and share this video with someone you love – I promise it WILL turn that frown upside down!

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