Stimulating Sensual Fun for Couples

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One night per month, America's Sex Educator spends over 4 hours guiding five couples through stimulating experiences that fuel passion at historically acclaimed South Beach hot spots! Your special date night starts with wine, appetizers, and a private tour of the famous World Erotic Art Museum, a Miami Beach historical landmark. Next, Dr. Sonjia leads couples through an all natural experiment to ignite sensual energy by stimulating the five senses.

After wetting your appetite, Dr. Sonjia leads you to one of her favorite South Beach hot spots! She usually picks a hidden gem where locals 'in the know' go and where guests can lounge together after enjoying their meal.

While waiting for your food to arrive, Dr. Sonjia gives each couple an envelope filled with flirting exercises that stimulate the passion you felt in the early days of love. The evening climaxes with a visually arousing performance that will ignite desire in every inch of your body!

All night long, couples will interact with Dr. Sonjia and if desired, receive her sexpert advice specific to their relationship! Each couple also receives Dr. Sonjia’s best-selling book, Sex in South Beach and a travel-size bottle of her famous Sense stimulating body oil. Space is extremely limited for this once in a lifetime experience!

Price includes:
Wine and light appetizers 
Flirting exercises
Seductive performance
Admission to World Erotic Art Museum + curated tour ($25 value)
Sensual experience, including scents, tastes, feathers, & blindfolds ($35 value)
Sex in South Beach book ($15 value)
SENSE stimulating body oil – travel size ($13 value)
Feeling sensually connected & happy, even the morning after (priceless!)

Dinner & drinks are available for purchase from the Restaurant Menu, which has a wide range of high quality, reasonably priced food and drinks. Approximately 2-5 blocks of walking may be required.

Participants meet at 7pm on the designated date at 1205 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (The World Erotic Art Museum)

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Stimulating Desire & Sensual Fun For Couples

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~ Victor
Terrific. Awesome. Life-changing? Wow, Sonjia's date night was SOO much fun. I honestly was expecting something more superficial (and it definitely got us worked up) but what I did not expect was the depth of the content we talked about. Truly awesome. We got way more out of that than we bargained for.
~ Charlene
Date night was fun .Sonjia started the evening with a meet and greet mingle in one of the exhibit rooms with 4 other couples . We heard chill music playing while serving wine and a variety of snacks While we intimately shared in conversations with each other as well as with Sonjia . The guided tour of the museum was fascinating . Sonjia , then guided us through a few exercises using several Aphrodesiacs and tactile stimulants which enhanced our sensual senses . The night continued over dinner including sexy entertainment and more exercises to practice with our date at a local swanky restaurant nearby . The night contd with dancing and a happy ending when we returned home . I recommend DateNight !! Sonjia is very knowledgeable and kept the evening on schedule and kept us intimate with our partners . We received her signed book and a goody bag to continue embracing our relationship .There is more to Date Night but I don't want to be a spoiler !!!! Thank you Sonjia for a great evening of "Sex in South Beach " that's the name of her book ).
~ Carolina
Loved the one on one game with my partner! Taking the time to reflect on our love for one another definitely put into perspective how deep our connection is and where we have room to also grow closer! Great experience!