20 Apr

Date Nite Special

Date Nite Special

Most people smile when they find out what I do for a living. When the giggling stops, their voice usually drops to a whisper while they ask for advice about their intimate situation. That’s when I smile, because it makes me giddy when people realize they have the power to improve their love life. And I am tickled they believe I am the person to help them do that.

But seriously, the kid’s playground, the art show, hot yoga, and the cool new restaurant are not ideal places for these discussions. Between the kid, the hubs, and the drink (or in some cases all three), my hands are too full and my brain is too busy to give your situation the focused attention you deserve.

Yet, I’ve come to realize that people feel more comfortable considering their love life in these relaxed environments, as compared to a traditional office visit. Especially if they’re sitting next to a fun sexologist at a fun bar.

I’ve never heard anyone describe a traditional therapy appointment as ‘fun,’ but most people say some variation of “I had so much fun with you,” after they’ve just disclosed their personal business in a social setting. So I’m making the fun official.

Once a month, I’m hosting an officially fun date night that includes erotic art, flirting exercises, sensual experiences, spicy conversations and a shameless burlesque show! I’m gonna take you to a few of my favorite South Beach spots, teach you and your boo a few new tricks, and help you have fun lighting up your love life.

In Today’s Video

I have a unique ability to help intelligent individuals appreciate infinite possibilities for achieving sensual satisfaction. But let’s be real: improving your relationship over cocktails and art is way more fun than battling it out on a counselor’s couch. What’s even better? Learning new techniques to stimulate desire with your partner – because this forces couples to strengthen their bond, rather than tear it apart by highlighting what’s wrong.

Do you remember what it’s like to have sexy fun with your partner? If so, the Date Nite Special is one of the easiest ways to keep those fun flames burning. If not, the Date Nite Special could be the magical match to reignite the fire. The best part is that it’s super-easy to experience. You simply have to register, show up, and let me take care of you and your special someone.

But don’t wait too long to act, because space is extremely limited and April’s session is already sold out. Press play on today’s video to learn more about the Date Nite Special and click here to register now!

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon in South Beach!

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