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Spend Valentine’s with ME!

Spend Valentine’s Day with ME! Pretty please… I’m confident that WORLD PEACE would be easily achieved if everyone was sexually satisfied. And what better time than February to ponder how your sex life could be improved? Especially since Hallmark is gonna force you to think about it anyway. That’s why I’m trying to hang out […]

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Nasty Women Vote: Hillary Clinton, Sex and Politics

Nasty Women Need Love Too What’s the toughest romantic challenge for Nasty Women? Figuring out when to act like a man or act like a lady. We all heard about the old days. Women weren’t allowed to work so they had no way to support themselves. Most didn’t leave home until they got married and […]

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Sex Peer Pressure

Peer pressure impacts adults too. Especially, pressure to penetrate. “My friend often has sex immediately after meeting an eligible man and when it doesn’t work out, she’s left feeling devastated. But she does it over and over again.” A colleague disclosed this situation to me last week, and it’s something I hear about far too […]

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