22 Sep

Bye, bye UTI: Sex & Urinary Tract Infections

I’ve been called the UTI whisperer.  Every single week, I meet someone with a urinary tract infection resulting from a romantic rendezvous. Usually, a student or colleague comes to my office and tells me their plight because they know I can help:

“I fell in love over the weekend and came 22 times.”

“I had sex and forgot to pee after.”

“I swear I’ll never have sex with him again because I keep getting these UTIs!”

But sometimes, I meet women for the very first time and for no logical reason, I tell them how to prevent or treat a persistent UTI.  That’s when they ask me, “How did you know I had an UTI?”

Urinary Tract Infections are the 2nd most common bodily infection and women who suffer from chronic UTIs often avoid sex as much as possible. Truth is, I never know who has a UTI unless they tell me. My real gift is being able to read sexually satisfied and sexually frustrated people.  But perhaps I’m inspired to share this info with certain women because I sense they could use a boost in sexual fulfillment.

At my kid’s soccer practice, work, vacation – everywhere I go, I meet women who are either suffering from a UTI or know someone who is. That’s why today’s show is all about natural ways to prevent and treat UTIs.

Most women with recurrent UTIs HATE taking antibiotics and many  have become resistant to medications doctors traditionally prescribe. Today’s show helps women finally get UTIs under control and prevent them from coming back.

In this episode, I’ll explain the scientific effects of D-mannose and other natural supplements that are proven to prevent and reduce UTIs. I’ll also give you specific studies to share with your doctor so you can have an informed conversation about getting off the antibiotic wheel and getting on with your healthy happy sex life.

So many women told me their lives changed for the better with this education and I hope it helps you and/or someone you love say goodbye to UTIs!


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