Back it Up (Sex & the Spine)

Does your back hurt?

Mine does and I’m not alone. Between 80-90% of Americans from suffer from back problems at some point in their life and it often impacts action in the bedroom.

Back pain makes it harder to back it up or push it forward vigorously between the sheets. Such challenges cause people to start avoiding sex because they don’t want to trigger pain. And we all know that when one partner starts avoiding sex, other areas of the relationship start feeling strained.

“It’s something that’s really important to discuss” says Dr. Michael R. Marks of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. According to Marks, many patients are reluctant to admit to their partners that they are in too much pain to have sex or want to change positions they’ve practiced for a long time to ease their pain.

To demonstrate his point, Marks described a patient who neglected to tell his partner that back pain caused his loss of sexual interest only to suffer even more when his partner suspected him of an affair.  Marks encourages people with back pain to bring sexual problems into the open, with their partner and an understanding doctor who can help.

This is why the School of Sensual Satisfaction has recruited Dr. Yoav Suprun to teach Sex and the Spine. He’s an understanding doctor who graduated from NYU’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program and an expert educator who will teach students new positions to reduce back pain during sex as well as preventive measures that can alleviate pain before it begins.

Dr. Yoav worked as a professional fitness trainer in New York for 12 years before becoming a physical therapist and he’s also a Pilates instructor and strength and conditioning specialist. His extensive background in fitness and rehabilitation combined with his philosophy of educating patients on self-treatment is one reason his patients require an average of just five treatments compared to the national average of thirteen.

Back pain doesn’t have to limit your love life. And figuring out how to keep sex spicy while avoiding back pain can be fun. Especially if you allow Dr. Yoav and the School of Sensual Satisfaction to guide you through the process.

Imagine this: You, your lover, and your sore back arrive at the sexy lounge inside the Catalina beach club in South Beach.  Together, you enjoy complimentary cocktails and meet a couple of cool people who enjoy sex and sometimes suffer from a sore back. A short while later, some sensuality instructors lead you to a cozy classroom with candles, comfy couches, and soothing scents.

Dr. Yoav emerges to teach about the causes of your back pain, sensual methods to prevent or reduce your back pain, and several pleasure positions that won’t trigger more pain. He creates an encouraging environment for all attendees to try new playful positions and provides personal attention to each student to keep them safe as they experiment with new angles to achieve optimal orgasmic impact.

Sounds like fun, right?

That’s why you should attend Dr. Yoav’s Sex and the Spine class on June 20, 2012 at the South Beach School for Sensual Satisfaction.  Father’s Day is June 17 and it’s an ideal gift to keep Dad young –just ask mom!

It’s also an affordable gift.  The class is just $30 for folks who register within the next 30 days.  So back up your bedroom pleasure by signing up for Sex and the Spine today: