11 Jul

airbnb IS DATING ME (and wants you too!)

A spicy date is hard to find… especially when you’re in a relationship with someone!  Since you already know ALL about them, and  what they did today, and what their plans are for tomorrow, dating your long-term lover can get kinda boring.  UNLESS you do something different!

Like my “Date Nite Special” which excites and delights couples AND strengthens their sensual bond! Recently, #airbnb, a company that does everything different,  recognized just how special my “Date Nite Special” is and they came for me!

Like all good relationships,  airbnb courted me hard!  Took me to dinner at Soho Beach house, chatted me up all night, and after they determined I was legit, they sent a photo crew to capture REAL PEOPLE on a REAL DATE NITE SPECIAL!

Now airbnb and me are partners in love!

Date Nite Special is an official ‘airbnb’ experience and everyone who visits Miami can experience this magical night of sensual fun that makes you tingle, smile, and feel oh so sweet. Even the morning after.

Check out today’s 1 minute video to see REAL couples spicing up their love life during Date Nite Special!  The next one happens on July 28, 2017 and there’s a few spots waiting for you your someone special.

If your relationship is special, honor it by experiencing  DATE NITE SPECIAL with the love of your life!  CLICK HERE TO BOOK IT ON AIR BNB TODAY! 


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