04 Jan

Role Playing: Make Sexual Fantasies Come True

Samba with me

Did your lover climax when they opened your holiday gift? Probably not.

Because watches, shoes, and smart TVs rarely ignite orgasms. So instead of spending dough on a traditional gift, I role-played my man’s ultimate sensual fantasy. In public.

And if you think my little stunt STIMULATED some sexy action in his undies, YOU are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

This season, I was the only thing my husband unwrapped. But he told me that my transformation into a sensual Samba showgirl was the best present he’s ever received. And several other men who watched my ‘show’ reiterated his point. Over and over again.

Even a handsome gay couple told me, “I’m making HIM do THAT for my 50th birthday!” Go figure. Men love when women try to make their sensual fantasies come true. But you know what? Women do too! Not only did I feel like a sensual superstar while performing, but women in the house gave me so much love!

After my surprise ’show’ in front of more than 100 people, nearly every woman within watching distance approached me and said some version of, “I want to do something like that for my man someday!”

Within a few days, I received a bunch of messages asking me to help them pull off a similar type of role-play. And since I’ll do almost anything to help you stimulate more satisfaction, I teamed up with Dragon Girl, Miami’s premier desire igniter, to create the ULTIMATE ROLE-PLAY PACKAGE!

Check out today’s video to see my role-play performance and click here to learn more about the ULTIMATE ROLE PLAY PACKAGE.


In Today’s Video

In today’s video, I honor my man’s sensual fantasy. The first time my hubs saw me, he thought I was Brazilian. And in the early days of our relationship, he often joked about an American woman pretending to be his Brazilian dream girl. Since there’s always some truth in jokes, it was pretty obvious that my man has a sweet spot for Brazilian women. So one night, I became one.

I transformed into a #samba-licious Brazilian goddess for my man’s perfect gift. Luckily, I have the most amazing girlfriends who helped me every step of the way! I know you’re dying to see me get sexy, so what are you waitin’ for? Press play NOW!

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