09 Jun

Cunnilingus: Oral Sex on Women Tips and Tricks

Cunnilingus: Oral Sex on Women Tips and Tricks

Kisses Down Low

Ladies should be licked below the waist
BEFORE penetrating her sweet space.

We’ve all heard of men who won’t go down south.
They’ve got silly reasons or a broken mouth.

But tongue play with ice could make her come twice
and if she doesn’t taste right, stop being so nice

If she’s not yummy and you don’t wanna lick
her walls might be dangerous for your sweet d%ck.

Infection and disease don’t smell real good.
But you gotta get close enough to her clitoral hood.

to learn….

Is everything alright?
Is it peachy and tight?
Does this make her moan?
Is her mind blown?

Or is there something to worry about…
Is contagious yuck oozing out?

It’s safer to learn with your lips
Before you put in just the tip

After all, it’s only fair
She should come first because you care

And since you’re learning tricks to turn her on
Today’s video keeps your oral game strong.

The moral of oral is short and sweet.
If you love her, she’s good enough to eat!

In Today’s Video

Cunnilingus makes women come. And when women come BEFORE penetrative sex, they are 8 zillion times more likely to come DURING penetration. In fact, many women who think they have orgasmic dysfunctions are actually dealing with dysfunctional dudes who haven’t perfected their oral sex skills. That’s why today’s video should be shared with guys who can’t keep a girl, girls who can’t come, and couples who want coitus and climaxes to continue. Because when women stop coming, sex stops sizzling.

And who doesn’t want a little sizzle with their sex?

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