31 Oct

032 – Need Nooky Now?

Know someone who’s overdue for an orgasm?  If a tender touch mixed with wet softness isn’t on today’s schedule, your answer is probably yes.

Unless you’re Asexual, or Gray-A. In that case, a nice conversation and coffee could lift you up – just like sex can lift up someone who’s demi-sexual or hypersexual.

In today’s show, Dr. S discusses the benefits of sex, and common ways people behave when they’re NOT benefitting from sex.

Naturally, your emotional well-being skyrockets when your love hormones are poppin with satisfaction.  But many people are in low-sex relationships, which can become a major mental health issue for one partner that leads to relationship problems for both partners..

One way to make sure your sexual experiences are more satisfying is to know your sexual appetite. Listen up now to find out how you measure up. 

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