14 Feb

Prime Lovers Day

Wassup Lovas?

Today, and everyday, know that you are LOVED by at least 2 people! You and Me.

For real, I LOVE you. And that’s why I’ve been MIA all year. I know you didn’t really need me when you started out the new year with GRAND ideas of how you were gonna love yourself (and maybe someone else) better. But right about now is when most folks start to give up on those 2018 goals. So I’m reaching out to keep you on the LOVE track.

F%CK a card and flowers. You deserve better.

Since lots of us are last minute lovas who may not have planned an extra special V-Day, I went ahead and did it for you. Below are special ways to show LOVE to yourself or someone else without rushing around trying to buy the last box of cheap chocolates.

If you’ve got a partner, all you need is time and hands to make tonight super sexy. Watch the quickie video below to get ideas about what you can do with a little teasing and touching. And make your partner wait for it. Yeah baby, make em’ wait. Slow seduction increases intensity and makes the heart pound faster and harder then the usual quick fix. Add an ice-cube to your touching game to take it up a notch. Body heat will melt that ice and your lover’s heart. BOOM!

What’s the sexiest gift to give YOURSELF or someone else? My super-sexy SENSE Stimulating Body Oil of course! And it is now available via Amazon Prime with Free 2-Day Shipping. Yeah baby! Order yours today to make every day of the year lover’s day. And since I LOVE my VIP subscribers sooooo much, I’m giving you 50% off SENSE for the rest of the month! Simply use the code SENSEOIL. (8 Oz Bottle – CLICK HERE 10 ml Travel Size – CLICK HERE)

Date Nite Special is happening next Fri-Yaay, Feb 23! This means you can purchase your tickets today and tell your lover about your special gift tonight! They will feel so grateful to YOU for planning such a unique, sensual date to celebrate your LOVE! And of course, no one will know you just bought it today! Click here to buy now.

Show some love by taking 15 minutes to discover every sexual nuance about yourself or your lover! In my last podcast, I guide you through a FUN and exciting exploration of sexual experiences and fantasies. It’s called “He Said, She Said” and it’s on iTunes. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Sending you so much love today (and everyday),

Dr. Sonjia (Sun-Ji-YA)


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