31 Jul

024 – Should You Have Sex With Me?

What’s your sexual health worth? Well, one woman just got 1.1 million dollars after the singer Usher infected her with Herpes! That’s a lot of dough, but sexual health is worth WAY more than a million bucks! After all, your chances of snagging a billionaire go WAAAY DOWN after you tell them you’ve got HERPES – the STD that keeps on giving for the rest of your life!

In this episode, Dr. S gives you a fool-proof formula to stay sexually healthy! First, you’ll learn how to gauge someone’s sexual health in under 5 minutes. Then, Dr. S teaches you how to measure someone’s emotional health. Because the truth is – not everyone is physically or emotionally ready for a relationship. Today’s show teaches you a FAST way to figure out if someone is on the same romantic page or if you should walk away.

1 in 6 American adults has Herpes. Every 9 minutes, an American is infected with HIV. Don’t play games with your sexual health. Press play now and learn the 5 minute formula that could save your sex life!

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