30 Jan

017 – When SEX Stops Being Stimulating


What would you do if you couldn’t get turned on anymore? Tons of women lose their ability to get aroused and don’t know what to do about it! Today, Dr. S breaks down common causes of decreased sexual desire in women and tells the ladies what they can do to make their sex life steaming hot again!!!

This episode of Sex in South Beach is dedicated to the brave woman who wrote to Dr. Sonjia because she couldn’t get excited anymore when she tried to turn herself on. Dr. S helps this lady make her masturbation time more exciting and also gives advice to help women all over the world who can’t get excited when they’re alone or with their partner!  After listening to today’s show, you’ll know about:

  1. The first steps regular folks would take if they experienced decreased sexual desire
  2. Common hormonal changes that impact female sexual desire
  3. Health issues that decrease sexual arousal and functioning
  4. Dietary changes that affect sexual responsiveness
  5. Strategies to increase sexual desire


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