20 Jan

016 – Sex Secrets: Should you tell BEFORE Bedding Someone

Everyone has secrets! But when is the right time to share your deepest darkest secrets with a new lover? should you tell them everything BEFORE having sex? should you wait until you’ve already got them hooked?

In this show, Dr. S gives you the real deal about when to reveal your secrets to a new lover. By referring to some of her recent patients, Dr. S shares how she helped three different people deal with these tough situations:

  1. Finding out a new lover was HIV positive
  2. learning that their partner previously had a homosexual relationship
  3. Revealing to a new boyfriend that you’re  a transgender woman

Tune in now to learn the best time to share your secrets with someone you’re really starting to like. Dr. S tells you whether to have the ‘talk’ before sex and also shares how everyday folks feel about this situation. Press play to listen NOW!

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