09 Sep

009 – Jamaica Sexcation

Dr. Sonjia is back from Jamaica with new sex advice!

  • An article just came out in the Sunday New York Times, and it really proposes that couples facing any sort of challenges should address their sexual issues first before communication or any other issues. Because not making time for sex is one issue, but not even acknowledging or addressing the lack of sex or sexual intimacy in a relationship is an entirely different and more destructive can of worms. What’s my solution? A sex-cation!
  • 5 rules for a successful sex-cation
    1. Pick an awesome location where there’s very little clothing required
    2. Leave the kids at home
    3. Sex. Do it. Talk about it
    4. Do some sexually that you would not normally do at home
    5. Do an intimacy building activity to help bring you closer together

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