05 Sep

008 – All About Anal

We think this episode title speaks for itself. 😉

  • This episode relates more to heterosexual couples.
  • The rules of anal are:
    • Lube, Lube, Lube and lots of it! Remember, the anus doesn’t have all the elasticity and flexibility of the Vagina.
    • Empty out the bowels and wash yourself up:
      • Enemas
      • Juice Cleanses
    • NEVER switch from the Anus to Vagina. Whether using penis, fingers or tongue.
  • Plan ahead. Ease into it over time.
  • Start with fingers, anal beads & small vibrators to prepare for anal intercourse in the future.
  • Will it feel good?
    • That depends on who you ask, your body, what turns you on!
    • Make informed decisions. You are in control, sex should be fun, it should be pleasurable. You do not have to sacrifice your pleasure or your desires to make anybody else happy.
    • Some Women like it because it makes them feel like a “Bad Girl”
    • Anal sex allows some Women to feel their partner more intensely when they are inside of them.
  • Unlike vaginal sex, anal sex can break the anal tissue, which could cause lots of pain and can lead to faecal incontinence.
  • What if your Man wants to do it but you do not? Remember the Sex in South Beach Anal Sex Rule!
    • Say “Sure. But you go first. Here’s how we’re going to do it. We’re going to measure out your erect penis, then we’re going to go to a sex store and we’re going to buy a dildo about the same size, and then I’m going to perform anal sex on you, and then after that, I’ll be ready for my turn!”

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