22 Aug

004 – Erectile Dysfunction

Sex In South Beach Podcast

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) might be more common than you think. Listen in as Dr. S analyzes just how normal this little problem is.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Erectile Dysfunction affects more than 30 Million Men in America.
  • ED could be a symptom of diabetes
  • ED can happen to men of all ages
  • Why are so many men experiencing ED problems?
  • Complications that arise from ED in romantic relationships
  • How to improve “erection-ability”:
    • Are you getting enough sleep?
    • Diet/Fitness. People out of shape don’t usually do as well in physical activities of any kind
    • Certain foods are scientifically proven to improve your “erection-abilities”:
      • Watermelon
      • Pomegranates
      • Watermelon AND Pomegranate Fruit Shakes
    • Direct sunlight can help because of Vitamin D levels
    • Specific Smells including:
      • Cinnabons
      • Lavender mixed with pumpkin pie
    • Nutritional Supplements
      • Maca: “Nature’s answer to Viagra”
      • L-arginine
    • Viagra / Cialis
      • Always check with your Doctor first before taking any new medication or supplements.
    • Erection Injections
    • Hormonal Treatments
  • Finally, take off the pressure! Focus on all the other fun ways you can enjoy each other intimately.

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