Sex Soulmates

Do Soulmates really exist? 

“Is my Soulmate out there?”

With V-day just around the corner, lots of people are thinking about soulmates.

Am I with my soulmate? Was my ‘ex’ my real soulmate? Do soulmates even exist? And if so, does amazing sex indicate I’ve finally found the right one?

I believe in soulmates. And I really believe in sexual soulmates. But I also know that enjoying the most amazing sex with someone sometimes tricks people into thinking they’ve found ‘the one.’ The problem with that logic is that many sexually satisfying relationships don’t work out, for reasons that have nothing to do with sex. And if someone is convinced that they’ve lost their only soulmate, they often shut down future opportunities for authentic, romantic love. And that type of genuine love and affection, my darlings, is something everyone deserves. Especially you.

Which is why I asked Cynthia Segal, one of the world’s top 20 psychics to explain Sexual Soulmates on today’s show.

On Today’s Show 

If you’re wondering whether sexual soulmates exist, or if you somehow missed your soulmate, you want to watch today’s episode of Sex in South Beach. Cynthia Segal and I discuss different types of soulmates, and the very crooked path people must sometimes endure before finding their soulmate. Turn on the show to answer all your questions about sex soulmates and learn some juicy info to start the soulmate conversation with someone you love.